No, this Panic doesn’t much care for disco, but you will find Halsey, Florence + the Machine and Tangerine Dream within the official MOTHER PANIC playlist. While Violet Paige teems with rage, the seedy, surreal side of Gotham which she inhabits seems to be the inspiration behind much of this dreamlike list, which was assembled by writer Jody Houser and original series artist Tommy Lee Edwards.

“When putting together my Mother Panic playlist, I kept it very much focused on Violet Paige and her journey,” explains Houser. “We're spending the first year focused on building up Violet as a character, so this playlist follows what we've built for her, from the eerieness of Gather House to her search for freedom to the rage that makes her put on the costume.”

So climb aboard your personal glider and crank up the volume. We’re taking you on a ride…



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