And we thought our politics could be brutal!

If you’ve been following the dramatic events taking place in the “Crown of Atlantis” storyline in Aquaman, and have read this week’s pivotal AQUAMAN #24 by Dan Abnett, Scot Eaton and Philippe Briones, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But for the rest of you, let me bring you up to speed.

Arthur’s patience in dealing with the surface world and determination to broker understanding and peace between the Kingdom of Atlantis and the nations above has finally become too much for his people. A shocking new challenger to the throne has risen—the previously imprisoned hardline fundamentalist Corum Rath. With popular support on Rath’s side, it falls to the increasingly frustrated Elder Council to determine whether Arthur is still fit to be Atlantis’ king.

As Arthur and Corum prepare for their decision, Mera chooses to return to Amnesty Bay, perhaps reading the writing on the wall. She reminds Arthur that the surface world is just as much a part of him as Atlantis and that he has an essential role to play as Aquaman. However, Arthur isn’t willing to give up on his kingdom and the progress he feels they’re on the brink of making.

It would prove to be a fateful decision as the Elders make their ruling…

Arthur refuses to accept their decision, suspending the Council of Elders and ordering the guards to arrest Corum Rath. However the guards, under Murk’s command, instead attempt to subdue Arthur, who manages to escape. Meanwhile, Corum is crowned king.

As his first act, Atlantis’ new king orders the Magisters of the Silent School to release the “Crown of Thorns”—a powerful magical barrier that completely surrounds and encloses Atlantis, isolating it from the rest of the world.

As the Crown of Thorns begins to close, Arthur swims toward it, evading guards and trying to escape before he’s cut off from the world. Outside the thorns, Mera attempts to help. Only, before they can be reunited, this happens!

Arthur’s reign—and possibly his life—are at an end. A dark new age has come over Atlantis, one that could very well destabilize the globe. And Mera’s left to watch helplessly from the outside. What will happen next? Expect the unexpected as an all new era for Aquaman begins with a new artist, new role for Arthur and exciting new storyline that kicks off on June 21st!