Welcome back, Legends fans! Talk about having to go there (and back again) this time around, huh? And, man, things are...not looking all that great for the future of the world.

I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about ways to make World War I bleaker than it already was, but losing the literal Holy Grail in the middle of the battlefield on the Somme is pretty effective, all things considered. But, hey, at least we got to hang out with J.R.R. Tolkien for a little bit while we were at it. That’s a definitely a silver lining if ever there was one.

So, the only real way to destroy the Spear is now lost, which is something made even worse by the fact that the Legion has it now...and it was basically handed over to them by Mick Rory.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Couch Club this season (and I hope you have!), you’ll probably remember that I’m a Heat Wave superfan. So, you can probably imagine that I’m devastated by this turn of events. And the fact that he was prompted to change sides by an evil (or, well, uh...more evil) incarnation of Lenny?

Just leave me here to die, I guess. My heart is shattering into a million pieces.

For all that I’m a Heat Wave megafan, if I’m totally honest, I was a Captain Cold megafan first. In fact, it was through Cold that I really came to love Mick as a character. Their friendship was one of my favorite parts of last season. (And most agonizing. Seriously, between Chronos and that ending? Ouch!) So I guess it goes to follow that this season would be rushing toward its end by thoroughly salting those wounds.

To recap, in case you’re having as much trouble processing this on, like, an emotional level, as I did. Lenny’s back, but it’s not the Lenny we know and love. Or, rather, it is, but it’s a Lenny from much earlier in the timeline. So, it’s a Captain Cold who didn’t go through any of the changes of heart he’s experienced over the last couple seasons of The Flash or Legends. Remember, when Captain Cold was first introduced on The Flash, he had no problems with killing. This version of Lenny is a stone cold, chaotic evil thief who doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his score.

The Legion plucked this Lenny out of the timeline and brought him in as their ringer, probably banking on the idea that his close ties to Mick would be a weak spot they could exploit. And, man, did they exploit.

So this version of his former partner convinces Mick to turn his back on his team and join up, leaving the Spear in the Legion’s hands and the Legends, well, not to put too fine a point on it...Doomed.

Also, Amaya is pretty pissed off about this turn of events, maybe even more than the rest of the team, because she was the one proponent of the “we should use the Spear for ourselves first before they do” argument.

I’ll say this: During the episode, I was very against Amaya’s plan. I’ve seen enough movies involving mystical all-powerful artifacts (or, you know, magic golden rings) to know where that train of thought generally ends, and it’s almost never good. Remember, this was the line of thinking that brought Boromir down and destroyed the Fellowship of the Ring in the first book in Tolkien’s trilogy. But now? On the other side of things, I have to believe that maybe Amaya was right.

I don’t know what would have happened if the Legends had tried to use the Spear proactively, but I have to believe that it would be better than...this, right? Like, for as bad as it may have gotten, I think anything they would have done would have probably been at least slightly more positive than the Legion using it.

But then again, that old adage about power corrupting has some teeth in this one, I think.

Do you think the Legends should have listened to Amaya and tried to use the Spear first? Let’s talk about it in the comments because I’m definitely of two minds on this one.

Also, while I’m tossing questions out, what are we thinking about Mick’s future after these recent developments? Is he really turning over a new (old) leaf? Or is this some sort of gambit he’s attempting to gain the Legion’s trust and then betray them?

...Is that just me being a little too hopeful?


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