If you find yourself breaking into song more than usual this week, don’t worry. It’s not some bizarre affliction you should turn to Dr. Google to look into—it’s musical crossover time! Supergirl is crossing over with The Flash because Music Meister (played by Darren Criss) has come to town and put Barry and Kara under his spell. Since the super friends are joining forces, it seemed only right that fellow #DCTV Couch Club writer Ashley Victoria Robinson and I team-up to discuss what happens when our heroes get stuck in a musical.

Ashley: Hello, super fans! If we haven’t met, you can usually find me writing about how amazing The Flash’s Wally West is for the #DCTV Couch Club. I’ve also done a couple reviews of the amazing Rebirth titles, including putting my deep love of the Teen Titans up for public knowledge.

Amy: So, Music Meister popped into the DEO in the last moments of Supergirl, but before he whammied Kara, the episode took some twists and turns. In unsurprising news, Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo—who arrived at the end of the previous episode—are indeed Mon-El’s mom and dad. They received the signal he transmitted into the universe shortly after his arrival on Earth, and they thought a warm and joyous family reunion was a given. But Mon-El has changed.

Is Mon-El the man Kara deserves? No. To be fair, I’m not sure I’d deem anyone worthy of my girl. But Mon-El…well, he’s been dismissive of her one too many times for me. Still, I have to admit he’s made progress since his first days out of his capsule. Mon-El saw his former lifestyle through Kara’s eyes and realized just because it was normal and usual business for Daxamites didn’t make how he treated others okay. I’m proud of him for standing up to his parents and pushing back. I wasn’t entirely sure he had it in him.

On the other hand, dude, why do you have to lie to Kara? The whole “I’ve been trying to tell you” bit never works for anyone. Do or do not; there is no try. He stood tall against his parents, but he fell flat on his face with Kara. I don’t like seeing Kara hurting, but I think the breakup is for the best. What do you think, Ashley?

Ashley: I would definitely agree, Amy. Classically, when Supergirl gets involved with people from the Legion of Super-Heroes she ends up cozying up with Brainiac 5, and, given the way her relationship with Mon-El has gone this season, diverging from that path hasn’t seemed to work out too well for her.

Supergirl fans have seen Kara go through a lot of weird relationship drama over the course of her two seasons and it’s a bummer to see this one fall apart, particularly in contrast to Maggie and Alex being able to strengthen their bond and their relationship over the last few episodes. On the other hand, this could be an exciting development for any Karry or Superflash shippers out there. Maybe Kara and Barry are about to take a note from Wally and Jesse and try the long (long, long), distance relationship possibilities out? I’d be down for that.

Amy: I’d be so down for that. They have the ability to travel back and forth for visits, and maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing for both of them to have a little space from their love lives. With the timing of their respective breakups, maybe this opens the door for a love connection in the musical crossover. So many musicals are centered on romances, right? I know there’s a song titled “Super Friend” coming up in the episode, but it could transition into “Super-romance.”

I’m looking forward to Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist showing off their pipes. As a huge fan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I can’t wait to hear what Rachel Bloom came up with for “Super Friend.” The lyrics she writes for her series are always…unexpected. Besides that tune, I’ve made it a point not to read too much about what else is happening so I can be surprised. All I know is I need to hear Jesse L. Martin perform like I need air.

I also can’t quite tell what the Music Meister’s motivations are. In his appearance in The Brave and the Bold, he more or less hypnotized others to do his bidding. It doesn’t look like that’s the case here. What do you think he’s up to, Ashley?

Ashley: Music Meister’s motivations are difficult to put a finger on. Having just seen Mxy on Supergirl it doesn’t seem likely that we’re going to get an all-powerful being who is simply looking for minions to do his bidding. In light of that, what could be his motivation?

“Duet” is going to be an episode that deals a lot with the #DCTV multiverse (as all crossover episodes are), and that could be something really fun. I’d love to see the Music Meister as a citizen of another Earth who wants to build up an army of the strongest metahumans in order to overtake what he views to be an unjust ruler and begins his army with Supergirl and the Flash—or at least that’s what he has in mind until he wins them over with the power of song and dance!

If something like that does, indeed, turn out to be the case, it could be fun to see Music Meister expounding on some of the other characters that he has his eye on to join Barry and Kara (Oliver Queen singing a power ballad anyone?). Who knows, maybe if these two episodes are especially popular we will see the ever-growing cast of all of these #DCTV shows folded into the musical form after all.

Speaking of everyone but Supergirl and the Flash, Amy, are there any supporting cast members that that you are hoping to hear sing in “Duet”? You mentioned Jesse L. Martin earlier (I agree!!), and I’d love to see Jeremy Jordan returning to his Newsies roots!

Amy: Yes! I only recently saw Newsies (I know) and haven’t been able to stop picturing Winn singing and dancing. Since we know the era for the crossover is Golden Age Hollywood, maybe he’ll get to do a fun accent, too. And since Winn recently got yanked around by Lyra, he deserves a break—even if it only happens inside Kara’s and Barry’s minds.

There are a fair number of talented singers in the #DCTV cast, so I don’t think we can lose. I’m looking forward to watching the Music Meister do his thing. But in the meantime, I want those of you playing along at home to head to the comments and tell me what you thought about tonight’s Mon-El and Kara rift and the lead-in to tomorrow’s crossover.

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