Harley Quinn may be one of a kind, but how well do you really know her? In HARLEY QUINN VOL. 1: DIE LAUGHING, the mischievous mistress in the red and black battles off a horde of hot dog-produced zombies, battles a giant robot in India and goes undercover…by forming a punk band! Along the way, she drops more bon mots than her precious pets drop…well, never mind. Needless to say, she drops a lot them, but are you a big enough Harley Quinn fan to recognize them? Below is a list of ten quotes. Seven of them are actual statements by Harley Quinn. Three of them are fakes. Think you can spot the phonies? Scroll down to the bottom of the post for answers.


See if you can spot the fakes:

  1. Look, I’m really sorry about choppin’ off yer arm. It was the heat a’ the moment.
  2. Aw, crap. We got company. An’ it ain’t the “bring out the dip an’ chips” kinda company, either.
  3. Look, lady, if love makes the world go ’round, I could be responsible for the past decade all on my own.
  4. See that calisthenics-in-a-cage thing goin’ on there? Totally fun.
  5. It’s complete crazy pandemonium outside. Kinda like my last roller derby game, but with even more biting.
  6. Ya know it’s bad when HAZMAT suits are the fashion a’ the day.
  7. Mine! Mineminemineminemineminemine!
  8. How was shootin’ him in the shins over a pizza too extreme? It had Italian sausage!
  9. Respect yer elders, or run the risk a’ never becomin’ one. An’ I’m takin’ a bottle a’ bacon vodka.
  10. Are you done, ya beaky bag a’ butt-nuggets?

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This is fun, ain’t it? Keep scrolling!








Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’,
Keep them doggies scrollin’, rawhide!








Does all this scrolling make you hungry? Or is that just me? Oh, okay… You scroll, I’m gonna go get a burger.







Oh, look! You made it! Here are the answers:

  1. Harley
  2. Harley
  3. Fake!
  4. Harley
  5. Fake again!
  6. Harley
  7. Larfleeze! No wait… That’s Harley as well. This one is Harley AND Larfleeze. (Sorry, we were tryin’ to mess you up. We’re bad guys.)
  8. Fakerino!
  9. Harley
  10. Harley

So how did you do? All of the Harley quotes were pulled directly from Harley Quinn Vol. 1, which is available in print and as a digital download. We suggest picking it up for some hearty laughs and plenty more Quinn quotables!