In this week’s issue of TRINITY, a new and unholy alliance has been created! Ra’s Al Ghul and his assassins have come to the Great Ruins in search of something— something that has called to him in a vision. Mysteriously, that same force has also drawn Lex Luthor, the would-be Superman to this very spot as well, and the wicked sorceress Circe. Instead of fighting each other, they choose to find out who or what has been summoning them.

As they travel further into the depths of the Ruins, they will discover the source—and will be put to a test. The alliance of the greatest foes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman could mean trouble for the Trinity—unless they destroy each other first. Find out in this week’s issue of TRINITY #7 from guest writer Cullen Bunn and artists Clay Mann, Miguel Mendonca, Johnny Desjardins, Brad Anderson and Steve Wands.