Supergirl has a nemesis. The radio jockey turned electrifying villain Livewire is a regular thorn in Kara's  side. In the newest Supergirl, "We Can Be Heroes," Kara says her cousin Clark makes having a nemesis sound kind of fun, like "having a deadly pen pal once a year."

Well, she's not on board. Learning Livewire is loose and causing problems in National City again makes Kara angry and irritable. She snaps at her co-workers and friends. Guys, she scowls

So, she wasn't in the best of moods when she learned the identity of Guardian. Uh-oh.

James should have listened to Winn and come clean with Kara. I doubt she would have been thrilled about the revelation regardless of how she experienced it, but hearing it firsthand would have been better than her finding out by pulling off Guardian's mask on the scene—which, by the way, I don't think was cool. Kara could have checked on Guardian's pulse and well-being without identifying him. He's not a villain, and if anything, Kara should have been respectful of someone wanting to keep his or her identity a secret. She took off the mask because she wanted to know who was under it.

But I digress. I was talking about honesty... from someone with a hidden crime-fighting night life. Winn, of course, had just pushed the topic of sharing the Guardian news with James; he more or less begged him to talk to Kara. James planned to, but Livewire interfered. Cut to the scene with Kara finding out the truth.

Supergirl didn't approve. Given how she's been responding to Guardian since he came into the picture, her reaction wasn't a huge surprise. I really thought the fact that James was Guardian would make a difference, though. This is one of her closest friends. He's spent quality time with Superman and Supergirl and has had to pick up on the ins and outs of fighting baddies. If someone's going to be a vigilante, James is suited for the lifestyle.

And hey, being a hero gives him purpose and makes him feel fulfilled. As his friend, Kara should be on board with James finding his place. I would have liked to see her mention how she understands what being Guardian does for him in the middle of her scolding.

Kara can only see a single aspect about James being Guardian: he's human and therefore vulnerable. She refuses to accept James' decision because she believes he's putting himself in too much danger. She points out he doesn't get a second chance if he gets injured. Kara's worried for her friend (I think she would be for any human). I get it. She's coming from a place of caring. However, to put it bluntly, she's not the boss of James!

Supergirl is National City's hero, sure. It doesn't mean Kara is in charge of anyone who battles villains. She doesn't get to decide who's allowed to be a hero and who isn't, but she's already taken Super Hero CEO position and dictated Mon-El gets to be a hero, James doesn't. Or at least, James doesn't have her approval.

P.S. Mon-El is terrible at being a hero. James isn't.

No, James doesn't have skin like steel. We saw at the beginning of the episode he got "a little shot." I don't like seeing him injured, but it's his decision. He's standing up for what's right despite his lack of super strength. That's important. Kara should have tempered her disapproval with a, "Jey, but it's also really awesome and brave of you to put yourself out there."


At least J'onn made up for his prejudiced feelings towards M'gann. She's been in a cell at the DEO this whole time, despite J'onn not having proof of her crimes—that's a troubling fact for another Couch Club column. Thank goodness J'onn reached out a hand in M'gann's final hour and learned she's a friend, not an enemy.

Do you agree with Kara's opinion about James being Guardian? Tell me in the comments.

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