DC's Talent Development team and the 2016 Artist Workshop participants gather at DC HQ.

Following a competitive submission period that consisted of more than 1,100 entries, the DC Talent Development team has identified eight aspiring artists who will participate in a two-week, intensive Artist Workshop course hosted at DC’s Burbank headquarters and led by industry veterans Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson and DC Publisher Jim Lee, with Alex Sinclair leading a coloring class as part of the Workshop. 

Members of the 2016 class include Oscar Bazaldua (from Mexico; first work for DC is Suicide Squad: El Diablo and Boomberang #1 and #2) Minkyu Jung (from South Korea; recent Kubert School graduate; completing first DC work with Gotham Academy #18, Batgirl #52) Sam Lofti (from Texas; previous work includes Public Relations, Painkiller Jane), Matt Merhoff (from California, previous work includes Devil’s Due, Hack/Slash), Ibrahim Moustafa (from Portland; Eisner-nominated artist for High Crimes with DC Writer’s Workshop alum Chris Sebela; first work for DC is Flash: Season Zero #12, Doctor Fate #13), Siya Oum (from Seattle; previous work includes Lola XOXO), Lalit Sharma (from India; previous work includes various titles for Campfire graphic novels, Zenescope and Raj Comics), and Lynne Yoshii (from New York; School of Visual Arts graduate; former Marvel editor). 

“The amount of talented artists who applied to this year’s Artist Workshop was truly impressive and bodes well for the future of our industry,” stated DC’s Vice President of Talent Development, Bobbie Chase. “Working with Jim, Andy and Klaus, we handpicked the best and brightest aspiring artists in comics and we’re thrilled to welcome the class of 2016 to DC. Some of these artists have already received recent assignments on DC titles.”
“Last year’s Artist Workshop pilot program was a true highlight for me and I’m excited to meet this talented new group, and to partner again with Klaus and Andy to lead the Workshop,” stated Lee. 
DC’s Talent Development Workshop began in 2015 with pilot programs that resulted in several participants receiving new assignments from DC editorial. The upcoming one-shot comic NEW TALENT SHOWCASE, set for release on November 30, features stories from writers and artists who completed the inaugural program. Class of 2016 DC Writers Workshop participants were previously announced.
For more information visit the DC Talent Development Workshop website.