With Rebirth now in full swing and so many exciting new titles to try, we can’t blame anyone for needing a reminder of what happened in the last issue. Or maybe you’re looking to add a new book to your list and need to get caught up on earlier chapters? Either way, we’re here to help. Every week, we’ll be recapping the prior issues of that week’s new Rebirth and Hanna-Barbera comics, as well as sharing our favorite moments. It’s a quick, easy way to ensure you’re up to speed and ready for New Comic Day. 

We hope you find these recaps helpful, but be aware that they do contain some spoilers!



All Star Batman #3

By Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, Danny Miki and Dean White

Still racing to the finish line, Batman and Two-Face come across their most challenging obstacle yet in the form of the KGBeast—an encounter that leaves Two-Face critically injured and several bystanders dead. Luckily, Duke Thomas arrives just in time to provide a hasty getaway before things can turn even more south. Duke brings Bruce and Harvey to Harold Allnut, a long time Batfamily friend, who is able to tend to Harvey’s medical emergencies while Duke lays out his concerns for Bruce. The chemical Harvey’s been researching is likely a fake, not a cure for his psychosis, and it’s very likely this entire trip has been a trap from the word go. Bruce admits that, while Duke isn’t wrong about the danger, his childhood connection to Harvey has left him certain that there is someone within him that deserves—and wants—to be saved. But that’s a theory that’s about to be put to the test in a big way. As Duke, Bruce and Harvey take off from Harold’s labs, they find themselves caught in an ambush of Two-Face’s own design, and as Batman lay prone from the attack, Two-Face pours a vial of acid directly onto Bruce’s face.

Unforgettable Moment: The last time Harold Allnut was on the page of a Batman comic, it was for his funeral. He was a victim of Hush’s Machiavellian schemes back in 2003. Prior to that, the mute genius was a trustworthy (if not slightly illusive) fixture of the Batfamily, providing aid and technical support to anyone who needed it. He even helped design and make the original Nightwing costume during Dick’s first move to Blüdhaven, back in the mid-‘90s!

Action Comics #966

By Dan Jurgens, Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert and Ulises Arreola

Superman and Jon return home after a flight through the evening stars. The two talk about the possibility of Lois going back to work. Meawhile, Lois is confronted by Superwoman, who senses she isn’t this Earth’s Lois. Superman comes to Lois’ aid just before things escalate. Superwoman reveals herself as Lara Lang—genuinely surprising Superman. Lois logs into this Earth’s Lois’ computer, which triggers a video of Lois explaining how she and Lara got their powers and revealing that they come at a cost to her health.  She asks the new Lois to take her spot on this Earth. Seeing the video rattles Lara because she’s been experiencing health issues since gaining her powers. Back home, Superman and Lois talk, and Lois decides to step in for this Earth’s Lois. Returning to the Daily Planet, she gets down to business immediately. Outside of the city, the mysterious man with the baseball cap meets with a behemoth named Zade, before he turns into a super-powered being himself.

Unforgettable moment: Curious who these two new mystery men are!

Detective Comics #943

By James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson

Now that the dust has settled after Hugo Strange’s disastrous monster attack on Gotham, the team finds themselves finally able to confront their grief at the loss of Tim Drake, and it’s going just about as well as you may have expected. Stephanie has all but withdrawn from the group, turning to Cassandra and their mutual friend Harper for support, while Kate tries to prevent Bruce from stepping back from the entire initiative. To make things even worse, a targeted attack on Lucius Fox by an unknown group of villains has left the team searching for answers and feeling the new gaps in their lineup. While at a charity gala, Bruce springs the idea of recruiting Luke Fox, aka Batwing, on Kate who offers up some concerns. Namely that Luke won’t be able to shake his socialite civilian life thoroughly enough to really become a team player. Luckily (or, well, extremely unluckily) it looks like Kate’s going to get a chance to see her doubts either confirmed or denied in real time, because before any consensus can be made on Luke, the gala is attacked by the same group of unknown villains that went after Lucius.  

Unforgettable Moment: It’s a grim tradition, but Bruce has memorialized Tim Drake’s costume in the Batcave in a display, much like he did with Jason Todd’s after he was murdered. Talk about bleak decorating for an already pretty bleak place.

The Flash #9

By Josh Williamson, Jorge Corona and Ivan Plascencia

A meeting between the two Wally Wests prompts some strange reactions in the Speed Force and Barry Allen struggling to keep himself centered. Somehow, a touch from the older Wally sends Barry into a rage and he lashes out at both of his counterparts in a blind panic. It’s a close call, but both Wallys are able to reign Barry’s rage in quickly enough to prevent him from being absorbed back into the Speed Force, but not before Barry inadvertently tears open some wounds in the younger Wally’s past. It takes a heart to heart from the older Wally—one Kid Flash to another—to really get the younger Wally back on his feet. Things in their world may be crazy, and their pasts may be full of ghosts that jump at the chance to haunt them, but at the end of the day, they’re family. And besides, the future isn’t without hope, at least not according to Barry, who saw yet another Speed Force vision right before both Wallys—a familiar winged metal helmet. (For more on this must-read Rebirth comic, click here!)

Unforgettable Moment: The resurfacing of Jay Garrick’s helmet could potentially spell out major things for the future of DC Rebirth! As a person who has been missing in action for years, what could his return possibly herald for the rest of his friends and family? Or, more importantly, what could it mean for whoever has manipulated the universe?

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7

By Robert Venditti, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey

Sinestro orders the remaining Yellow Lanterns off Warworld, while the Green Lantern Corps continues their trek to Warworld. Sinestro and Hal finally clash. Lyssa tries to make Guy a permanent part of the Fear Engine, but he gets the other prisoners to chant the Green Lantern oath, just as Soranik arrives with the renegade Yellow Lanterns—knocking out Lyssa and Adminster Lash and freeing Guy and the others. Hal and Sinestro battle on, until Hal utilizes his new power of pure will…and explodes in a brilliant display, completely disintegrating Sinestro and destroying Warworld. At the same time, the nearby Green Lantern Corps are headed off by the Sinestro Corps. As they gear up for battle, the Green Lanterns realize that Soranik and Guy are leading the Yellow Lanterns.

Unforgettable Moment: Hal Jordan transcends and explodes? What does that even mean?! Is he dead?!? (And can we use any more question marks and exclamation points?!?!?)

Supergirl #2

By Steve Orlando, Brian Ching and Mike Atiyeh

Zor-El tries convincing Supergirl to join him in his rebuilt Argo City, but believing her father is dead, she refuses to acknowledge Cyborg Superman is really him. The two start battling where it’s revealed that it’s not the real Cyborg Superman or Kara’s father, but a drone. Later, Cat Grant holds an assembly at Kara’s school where she chooses one of the students, Ben Rubel, to join her Young Innovators program at Catco. Seeing something in Kara, Cat invites her, too. Arriving at Catco, Cat gives Kara a quick interview—not even allowing her to talk. She tells Kara that her body language showed her everything she needs to know and dismisses her. Dejected, Kara leaves and bumps into Ben. He’s determined to get the job and tells Kara to stay out of his way. Back home, Kara sulks in her room when she’s suddenly paralyzed by Zor-El speaking to her. He explains that the drone she battled implanted a microscopic sliver that allows him to connect to her. He explains why he sent her to Earth and how he became enslaved by Brainiac, only to later master Brainiac’s programming and rebuild their home of Argo City. However, when we’re then giving a glimpse of Argo City, it’s clear that all is not well there as a sinister looking army stands behind Kara’s mother—who looks to be robotic.    

Unforgettable Moment: We loved seeing Argo City’s mysterious robotic army. What’s Zor-El up to?

New Super-Man #4

By Gene Luen Yang, Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend and HI-FI

Super-Man, Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman battle the Freedom Fighters of China. Flying Dragon General tells Super-Man that a shadow organization called The Ministry of Self-Reliance exists and has taken other Freedom Fighters and like-minded allies and is holding them somewhere. He then asks Super-Man to join his fight for truth and justice by destroying the Ministry. Super-Man declines and the General escapes. The three then transport Blue Condor and Ghost Woman to the Crab Shell prison, before returning to base, where they find reporter Laney Lan with Dr. Omen all set to do a news story on the Justice League of China…which leads to some confusion and doubt amongst the three as to what Dr. Omen has really recruited them for. Laney questions the group, specifically about the public knowing Super-Man’s identity and if there is a fear that his family and friends could now be in danger. Freaked out, Super-Man heads home to make sure his dad is safe. Back at the Crab Shell, Ghost Woman vomits up a tiny piece of paper, which turns out to be a member of her crew, Folding Paper Man. Growing to full size, Folding Paper Man kills the guard outside their cell. Releasing the rest of the Freedom Fighters, Blue Condor, Ghost Woman, Folding Paper Man and Sunbeam free Human Firecracker, who shows them the Ministry’s secret weapon—a genetically modified Starro. Arriving home, Super-Man is shocked to find out that his father is safe…in a manner of speaking. It turns out he’s Flying Dragon General.  

Unforgettable Moment: That twist ending! THAT TWIST ENDING!!! We did NOT see that coming, and now we’re wondering who the good guys really are…

Wonder Woman #8

By Greg Rucka, Bilquis Evely and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

In a standalone flashback issue, a young Barbara Ann Minerva plays outside, pretending she’s an Amazon, while her father talks to her teacher. He’s angry that Barbara is into mythology and fantasy—feeling she should be more mature and not into childish things. Calling Barbara in, he takes her toy shield and sword and throws it into the fire. Fast forward many years and Barbara’s on an archeological dig with a group of men, arguing with one of them about the existence of Amazons. Choosing to explore on her own, she discovers the hidden Amazon tomb of Lysippe—the twelfth Queen of the Amazons. She quickly snaps a picture with her phone. The ground gives out from beneath her and she slides out of the cavern to find the men packing up camp. At a bar, Barbara drinks heavily, trying to decipher the strange markings that were on the crypt, even drawing them on a bar napkin. Viktor Yakuvic, one of the men from the dig, comes in and takes advantage of her inebriated state and steals her cell phone with the picture on it. Back in her room, she calls Dr. Martins, the head of the expedition, and explains what happened. While on the phone, she pieces together from her drawing that the markings on the crypt might actually be mappings of the stars—this breakthrough prompts Barbara to travel all over the world trying to find the star’s mappings. On her journey, she comes across Viktor, who is dead and has a strange tree marking on his chest with the word “sear” on his arm. A mysterious woman and child appear as she’s looking over Viktor’s body. Barbara talks to them about the Amazons before she catches a boat. After she leaves, the old woman’s eyes turn piercing blue and the child turns into an owl. The boat takes Barbara to a mysterious island that has the same tree that was on Viktor’s chest.     

Unforgettable Moment: Wow. The art in this book is gorgeous! It has that special timeless feel to it that you don’t see too often. Beautiful.

Deathstroke #5

By Priest, Joe Bennett, Mark Morales and Jeromy Cox

The schemes revolving around the price on Rose Wilson’s head get even more complicated with Batman and Robin pulled into the mix. Slade’s manipulations land Damian in his captivity, but place Rose with Bruce, who is well practiced in dismantling Deathstroke’s webs. With Rose at his side, Batman continues about his normal business, convinced that Slade is trying to manipulate him into rescuing Damian from his deathtrap. Luckily, as it turns out, Damian is far from in need of rescue. Unluckily (for Rose, at least), the events of the night allow Batman to come to the realization that, regardless of whoever accepted the contract, the hit on Rose’s life was likely sent out by Slade himself. And to salt that wound just a little bit more, Rose’s boyfriend may have had a hand in accepting the contract. Talk about a complicated family dynamic.

Unforgettable Moment: Batman doesn’t exactly have a reputation as being an easy guy to get along with, something Rose learns firsthand the instant she sits down in the Batmobile. But for as surly as Bruce can be, he isn’t in the habit of underestimating anyone, going as far as to trust Rose to work with him on the case he’s handling (even though it involves a low yield nuclear device that could level the city).

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3

By Scott Lobdell, Dexter Soy and Veronica Gandini

The botched train robbery leaves Black Mask in possession of a Superman clone, Artemis in one of Black Mask’s cells, and Jason needing to play his cards even more carefully to avoid blowing his cover. And to make things even worse, the Superman clone seems to be...well, defective, for lack of a better word. And nothing Black Mask’s scientists try seems to be helping. In fact, it looks like borderline torture. Feeling a rare spike of empathy—he identifies more with this clone’s situation more than he’d care to admit—Jason hatches a plan to try and help the clone as best he can without risking his operation. He sneaks into the clone’s cell, where Black Mask has been forcing him to watch old newsreels of the real Superman, to try and make contact and instill a little bit of freewill in a creature that may not have any idea what that means. And, for better or worse, he apparently succeeds. The clone declares himself “Bizarro” and he does not seem all that happy with his captors.

Unforgettable Moment: Jason has always been on the outskirts of the Batfamily, despite his occasional (if slightly half-hearted) attempts to bridge those gaps. Apparently he was just too uncomfortable with the idea of facing his family that he couldn’t even bring himself to go to Tim’s recent funeral. Ouch.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #3

By Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Claire Roe, Roge Antonio and Allen Passalaqua

The Birds are hot on the trail of the next target for the fake Oracle’s “snake gang”—a mob family’s dinner meeting—and they, unsurprisingly have very different opinions as to how to proceed. Huntress doesn’t see the value in saving the family’s lives, while Batgirl argues that killing is never the way. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you side with), it’s Babs who wins out, and the Birds jump into action, only to find that they’ve been sent on a wild goose chase. The dinner was never the target, the safe house where the GCPD is keeping the Birds’ mafioso informant was. The team makes it back in the knick of time to intercept the snake gang before any lives can be lost, but the serpents make it out with their informant as their captive. It’s a screw-up that Huntress can’t stand for and she storms away from the team...maybe for good.

Unforgettable Moment: Throughout the issue, we’re given glimpses into the past of Dinah Lance, from her running away from a not-so-perfect home to her being trained to fight by her sensei. Sometimes finding your voice can be a painful experience, but if Dinah today is any indication, that pain can be turned into strength.

Earth 2: Society #17

By Dan Abnett, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran and Rex Loxus

Flash frantically searches what looks to be a strange, incomplete ghost city for the other Wonders. He finds Fury who explains since opening the Pandora Casket, Earth-2 has been all but erased. Red Tornado, Power Girl and Hawkgirl are just as confused as they stand in the vacant city trying to understand what’s going on. Red Tornado keeps hearing a random voice giving a countdown. Out of nowhere, a mysterious figure (that looks like Sandman) grabs Power Girl and pulls her into one of the buildings’ rooms—that is a complete room in comparison to the phantom city she was just standing in. Fury and Flash find Red Tornado, Power Girl and Hawkgirl, and Red Tornado and Power Girl clash with Fury—blaming her for opening the Pandora Casket and creating the mess they’re all now in. As they argue, they’re attacked by a large group of the Sandman look-a-likes. Fighting through them, they’re surprised when Superman (Val-Zod) shows up to help.   

Unforgettable Moment: Love those old school Sandman characters!

Superwoman #3

By Phil Jimenez, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy and HI-FI

Superwoman, Steel and Natasha Irons battle Atomic Skull—where Lana pushes her abilities to dangerous new levels. Claiming he isn’t there to hurt anyone, Atomic Skull frantically explains to Superwoman and Steel the inhumane conditions he and his fellow prisoners live in since Lex took over the prison system. Speaking of Lex, he remains paralyzed in the containment cube, as his sister Lena explains how she was able to use a Mother Box to help her walk again. Lena reveals that Lex’s experiments on her nearly killed her, and his inability to replicate Superman helped empower her as she used the Mother Box help her build a Bizarro clone army and advance her own knowledge and strength to God-like levels. Lex warns her that the Mother Box is unstable. Elsewhere, the city loses power and Atomic Skull and Superwoman combine power to get the station back online and return power to the city, which leaves Lana completely drained and her nose bleeding heavily—her power levels finally pushed too far.

Unforgettable Moment: It was pretty cool to see Lena suit up in Lex’s traditional green and purple battle suit. It’s also a little scary to think there’s now two Luthors out there who have massive egos and are power hungry…

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #2

By Brendan Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl, Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, Msassyk and Serge LaPointe

It’s the start of a new semester at Gotham Academy but things are already getting off on the wrong foot. Olive’s new roommate Amy is causing some friction, especially for Maps, who can’t help but feel a little replaced. Even during the first meeting of Detective Club, Olive’s by her new friend. Bummer. Still, not one to be deterred, Maps keeps herself busy by putting up posters to advertise the Detective Club out on the school grounds. However, in doing so, she stumbles upon a group of strangely dazed students—all of whom are wearing dark, pointed hats—sneaking off towards the woods. To make matters worse, Kyle realizes that the kids were all students who were recently reported missing. Kyle goes springing after the group with Maps trailing after him, but the two are split up just long enough for Kyle to find himself knocked prone by a mysterious broom wielding figure. Even with her brother laid low, Maps keeps her eyes on the prize, continuing the mission and following the kids even deeper into the woods, where she finds a creepy, ramshackle cabin. It looks like the students are holding some kind of class inside...and apparently; they’ve been waiting for Maps to join them.

Unforgettable Moment: Eric is definitely up to something suspicious and Pom has taken notice. After she spots some symbols he’s been drawing in his notebook, Pom intervenes in a way that only she can. And by that, I mean she nabs the notebook and tells Eric to just deal with it. Tough luck, man, but apparently Pom’s “been on this path since before you were even born.”

Scooby Apocalypse #6

By Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Howard Porter, Wellinton Alves, Scott Hanna and HI-FI

Velma tells the story of her lonely upbringing. She’s the daughter of an emotionally wrecked mother and a father who didn’t care about her at all. The youngest to four brothers, Velma excelled in education and attended a school for the gifted, but for what she had in academic prowess, she lacked in social skills—managing to torpedo the one friendship she ever had. As she grew older, Velma chose a solitary lifestyle, working in a remote location on her own. One day, her four brothers—“The Four,” as she calls them—approached her about working on a project with them for which they needed her smarts. It seemed like a dream come true for the misunderstood recluse, until that project would become the virus that started the apocalypse. Stricken with guilt and fear that she’ll be found out, Velma works tirelessly to find a cure.    

Unforgettable Moment: Have to go with the big twist that The Four are Velma’s brothers!

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