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If you have not been contacted by the DC Fans Channel Team about submitting a video, but would like to submit a video for possible consideration, please use this form.

Channel Guidelines:

By submitting Content to us for consideration, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the DC Fans Channel’s Submission Guidelines, Disclosure Guidelines and DC Entertainment's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Your video must include:

Verbal Disclosure

At the beginning of the video, verbally disclose the nature of your relationship with DC Entertainment (e.g. whether you received something, such as a comic book or collectible, for free)

Feel free to use your own voice and/or put the disclosure in context, for example: DC sent me this comic book for free to review for the DC Fans Channel!

Written Disclosure

Display the written disclosure, #FreeDCStuff, in the video itself for at least 5 seconds that indicates you received an incentive from DC Entertainment

This disclosure can take the form of a banner, caption, or watermark in the video – as long as it is unavoidable (e.g., it cannot be obscured by ads)

Make sure the disclosure stands out (e.g. bold, italic, and/or different color font)

For longer videos, repeat the written/graphic disclosure every 3 minutes