When it comes to things like Rebirth, Dark Knight III, Suicide Squad, #DCTV, Injustice 2, collectibles and cosplay, our fans have a lot to say. And now, once again, they have a place to say them.

DC Fans is our official YouTube channel devoted to fans like you. Every video hosted or shared on this uniquely different DC channel has been produced entirely by fans, whether it’s a review of a new comic, a reaction to a new trailer, a look back at a character’s comic book history or a tutorial on how to assemble the perfect costume. Much like this DC Bombshells Halloween Batgirl costume, perfectly constructed by Jessica from The Crazy Bat Lady in our newest DC Fans vid. Check it out!

You can look for more videos just like Jessica’s here: https://www.youtube.com/dcfanschannel

Want to submit a clip of your own? That’s even better! All you need to do is upload the video as an unlisted video on YouTube and fill out our new submission form, which you can find by clicking here. For a list of what we’re looking for, be sure to read our submission guidelines.

We can’t promise that every video will end up on the channel, but we do have a tip to help your chances…

Right now, we’re really on the hunt for fun Halloween videos, whether they’re costume tutorials, pumpkin carving demos, villain-themed clips, your ideas for the perfect DC Halloween party, your reasons why Deadman is the greatest hero ever… Things like that. If you have any ideas on how you can show off your DC fandom this October 31st, get them on camera and fill out our form. We’d love to help you share them with the world!

Whether you decide to submit a video or not, we hope you’ll drop by our DC Fans channel every week for more great clips. We’re lining up some really exciting stuff for the next few months, so you might even want to subscribe.  But more than anything, we’d just like to say, “Welcome!” Whether you’re a viewer or a contributor, a regular DC Fans watcher or a first time visitor, if you love DC, this is your place. We hope you’ll stay a while.