Look! It's a new season, a new network, but it's still Supergirl. Kara Danvers and her friends and family returned to our screens in an all-new episode called "The Adventures of Supergirl." The Season 2 premiere established brighter, less cave-y digs for the DEO, it saw both Winn and Kara land different jobs, and featured the debut of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

We learned a few things about Superman and his everyday persona Clark Kent in Season 1. My most important takeaway about Supergirl's version of the Man of Steel in these early episodes was that he liked to use emojis in chats with Kara. Besides his emoji tendencies, we saw his red cape swirl about here and there and we even visited the Fortress of Solitude, but we didn't see his face. Season 1 was very much about Kara learning how to be Supergirl and embracing and using her Kryptonian powers for the first time in her life. It was also about the audience getting to know the title character of the series, Supergirl—not Superman. So, why is Season 2 the right time for Superman to fly onto the screen?


I don't have an official answer for that question, but I think it's because Kara is now established to us and to the citizens of National City. She's become to National City what Superman is to Metropolis—a shining ray of hope. Superman's presence isn't a distraction anymore like it might have been in the first season. Make sense?

Thank goodness he gets to stop by, because he's an absolute delight. I thought watching Kara and Barry exclaim over food together in The Flash and Supergirl crossover was the pinnacle of adorkable-ness for the series. I was wrong. Those two are still precious jelly beans (yes, I ship them), but Kara and Clark are just as cute. As super-powered heroes, they have problems and struggles the rest of us can't imagine. Sure, Kara can talk to Jimmy and Winn about her issues, but Clark can relate to them since he's lived them. His and Kara's unique connection was immediately obvious.

Plus, scenes with lines like Kara saying she's always dreamed of working with her cousin? Come on. If her excitement didn't make you grin, I don't know what would.


And let's talk about Superman. If the emojis didn't clue you in (yes, I will keep referencing the emojis forever) about the lighthearted and optimistic tone of this Superman, his first scenes cemented it. While talking to his Daily Planet editor Perry White, Clark used the phrase "lickety-split." He may as well have said golly gosh. I wanted to pat him on the head. His personality only got more endearing throughout the episode as we saw him be legitimately klutzy (the trait's been part of Superman's Clark Kent guise in the comics) and give his cousin life and love advice—after she asked for it, mind you.

Oh! How about that business with Cat Grant?! She's very much the type who always exhibits self-control, so it was beyond amusing to see her go schoolgirl for Clark.

What I liked most about Superman is he didn't get in Kara's way or come into town to undermine her. They worked together. He didn't steal her thunder, he gave her credit, and she still saved the day by welding supports for a massive building together like a boss. Because Kara had time to grow into Supergirl, they stood as equals. Just as it should be.


No Supergirl episode discussion would be complete without sharing a #DCTV secret, right? Let's talk about Lena Luthor. Remember, this is just between you and me.

Lex's baby sister Lena was introduced by Jerry Siegel and Kurt Schaffenberger in SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #23. The Luthor family lied to Lena and told her Lex died in an accident in order to keep her from learning about her villainous sibling. At one point, she gained psychic abilities from remnants of one of Lex's experiments. And if you’re wondering what Lena’s up to in the comics now, you’ll definitely want to check out SUPERWOMAN, where we just learned she was the mastermind behind the attack that started off the series.

What other secrets did you notice? Did you like Superman? Tell me in the comments or share them on social media with the #DCTV hashtag.

Amy Ratcliffe covers Supergirl as a part of the #DCTV Couch Club. Look for Amy on Twitter at @amy_geek. Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW.