In UNFOLLOW #11, the remaining followers from the chosen 140 have scattered to all ends of the earth in hopes to preserve their fortunes. While some have gone into hiding, ditched their phones, or paid mercenaries to protect them, others have become the predators, seeking to take a bigger piece of fortune by killing the remaining followers.

Akira, the wannabe Messiah, has welcomed followers to a compound in Japan, and seeks to expand his ethereal leadership to the rest of the world via a podcast. While he begins his viral outreach, Courtney and other followers remain hidden in seclusion. Courtney seeks new entertainment and comes across a book of Akira’s  called “The Humans”—the same book that had evidently sparked the social media mogul’s idea for the 140 experiment. Out of boredom, she takes a look.

Meanwhile, Ravan, Dave and Deacon have been found on the small Russian island where they’ve been hiding protected by paid mercenaries. The mercs fight back as bombs begin to drop and the mysterious attackers breach their battle compound,  trying to fend the attackers off, but they don't have the man power. Then, Dave encounters the mysterious talking Jaguar again who gives him some advice—Be the predator or the prey? The choice is his.

As Deacon, Dave and Ravan decide to make a break for it, Ravan insists on going back for the mysterious man who has been tortured, and left tied up in the shack. But when she frees him, he attacks her! He gives her a message- Rubinstein is now playing the game as well, and he means to survive them all. Before the attacker can kill Ravan, Dave kills him. As they try again to make a break for it, and run from this island, they are caught.

And then Courtney, still engrossed within Akira’s novel, decides to skip ahead to the end.

Then this just happened:

Seems Akira’s Peace Compound is not what it seems.

Will Dave, Deacon and Ravan be the next followers to die? Will the other followers trust Courtney? What’s to come in the epic conclusion of this story? Find out more in this week’s UNFOLLOW #11 from writer Rob Williams and artists Mike Dowling and Quinton Winter (colors)!