In this issue of ACTION COMICS, “Path of Doom” comes to an awesome conclusion! In order to save his family, his friends and himself, Superman must find a way to put a stop to Doomsday once and for all. Knowing the outcome of his fight with Doomsday on his previous Earth (not a spoiler: Doomsday won!), Superman must not fall in this new fight, because the consequences are far worse this time around.

Elsewhere, Lois and Jon have been taken to the Watchtower by Wonder Woman, who is determined to keep Superman’s family safe. They all watch as Superman goes head-to-head, battling with everything he’s got. Lois, who watched Clark die before, is terrified that history may be doomed to repeat itself.

What they don’t know is, this older/wiser Superman has a plan…

He launches Doomsday far away from Metropolis and civilization, towards his Fortress of Solitude, trying to get him into position for his plan to be initiated. But, as before, Doomsday remains too quick, too strong and the challenge becomes harder and harder.

Lois then turns to Wonder Woman, knowing that Clark could lose this battle, and begs Diana to save her husband.

Then, this just happened:

With Wonder Woman’s help, Superman initiates a machine he built to send Doomsday to the Phantom Zone! Superman, his family, and Wonder Woman are now safe.

And then this just happened:

The mysterious figure (WHO IS HE??) lurking in the shadows has intercepted Doomsday on his way to the Phantom Zone. For what purpose? Only time will tell.

Find out more by reading ACTION COMICS #962 from writer Dan Jurgens and artists Stephen Segovia (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Ulises Arreola (colors) and Rob Leigh (letters)!