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This Just Happened: The Epic Conclusion of "I Am Gotham"!

This Just Happened: The Epic Conclusion of "I Am...

By Nicole Valdez Friday, August 19th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t been reading BATMAN and don’t want to know what happens, stop reading this post now (spoilers ahead!)

In this issue of BATMAN, Gotham, the new and mysterious superhero, has been possessed with rage by the villainous Pirate. And now, seeing no way to save a city so corrupt and evil, he plans to destroy it. In order to find Gotham before this happens, Batman calls on Alfred for a special favor.

When Batman arrives (and Alfred bows out of the fight) he battles him with everything he’s got, including crashing a plane on top of him! Yet, all efforts seem to only slow Gotham down. Batman, knowing he can’t battle this alone, will make another call for help… to the Justice League!

Superman, The Flash, the Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman come to Gotham City, but even this super team is no match for the strength, agility and power of the mysterious Gotham. But where did these powers come from? And how can he be stopped?

As Gotham Girl and Duke remain behind in the Batcave, Batman must turn to her for the answers: How can they stop Gotham? 

Soon, Gotham Girl reveals the secrets of their powers—they were purchased with their lives. These powers, that will take their lives quicker the more they use them, makes Gotham nearly indestructible. Gotham is more powerful than any man, or even the Justice League combined. With this news, Batman stands no chance.

Then this just happened:

As Duke encourages Gotham Girl to be brave, she realizes what she must do to save the city, and herself.

Find out more by reading the conclusion to “I Am Gotham” in BATMAN #5 from writer Tom King and artists David Finch, Sandra Hope, Matt Banning, Scott Hanna with colors by Jordie Bellaire!

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