From red boots to blue boots.

A new protector of Metropolis.

Parental responsibilities.

And a new hero, “Made in China.”

A packed house of  “Super”-fans got the latest on the world of the hero the DC Universe calls “Big Blue” and news on Kenan Kong, the superman from China at the DC REBIRTH: SUPERMAN panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The talent behind these incredible books discussed their plans to take readers on new journeys.

SUPERMAN co-writers Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason were on hand to talk about their current story arc, “Son of Superman,” and how the current Superman, Clark White, is doing a different kind of parental multi-tasking: trying to help his son Jon adjust to his rapidly growing abilities, determining whether or not to shield him from the rest of the world, while at the same time trying to keep his old foe The Eradicator from “eradicating” the whole El family! SUPERMAN #3 is in stores now featuring chapter three of “Son of Superman!”

The ACTION COMICS team of writer Dan Jurgens and artist Tyler Kirkham spoke about “Path to Doom,” their current story arc where Lex Luthor has laid claim to the mantle of Metropolis’ protector (right down to the “S” shield and cape), while a new Clark Kent surfaces. Oh, and Doomsday is rampaging through the streets of Metropolis! Chapter four of Path to Doom is in the pages of Action Comics #960, on sale July 27!

Award-winning writer and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Gene Luen Yang introduced fans to his hero for the next age: Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man. Yang spoke of working with rising star artist Viktor Bogdanovic on giving life to this new hero, and what his plans are for “Made In China,” the debut story arc that turns an arrogant bully into Shanghai’s newest superhero. The debut issue of NEW SUPER-MAN is on sale now at local comic stores and online.

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