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A Discount So Good, it Could Change Your World...

A Discount So Good, it Could Change Your World...

By Tim Beedle Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Two weeks ago, the season finale of The Flash blew the minds of longtime DC fans by ending with a twist that seemed to set up their version of Flashpoint, the popular storyline where Barry’s successful attempt to prevent his mother’s murder changes his entire world.

Never experienced it? Well, now’s your chance. For today only, you can snag the Digital HD version of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the original animated adaptation of the Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert miniseries, for $6.99 (it’s regularly $19.99). If you don’t already own this movie, which ranks among the best of DC’s Original Animated Movies, it’s a great deal and a good way to get familiar with the story that established a darkly compelling alternate universe for the heroes of DC while capping off Johns’ critically acclaimed run on The Flash. However, you’ll only be able to take advantage of it if you act quickly and you have the DC All Access app.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is the start of something that we’re calling FLASH SALE FRIDAY, a series of one-day weekly deals on digital films that will only be accessible through the DC All Access app.

Each Friday, a new title from DC’s substantial catalog of live action and animated films will be deeply discounted, including hits like The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, classics such as 1978’s Superman and 1984’s Supergirl, and animated titles like Batman: Under the Red Hood, Wonder Woman and Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

The new Flash Sale Fridays are the latest addition to the DC All Access app’s weekly roster of content, which also includes:

  • Match Up Monday – Vote in weekly polls
  • Tuesday Trivia – Test your knowledge of the DC Universe
  • New Comic Wednesday – Preview the latest books to hit the shelves
  • Emoji Pack Thursday – New additions and updates to our exclusive emoji keyboard and sticker packs
  • Fan Friday – The focus in on you, the fans! 

Check out the app every Friday to see which movies will be on sale, and every day for the best from across the worlds of DC movies, comics, games, TV, toys and more.

You can grab the app for iPhone and Android at Then grab some popcorn…because it’s DC movie time!