In this week’s issue of BATGIRL, students of Gotham Academy have been taken hostage by Gladius, a villain who is after a weapon with the power to destroy Burnside! Luckily Batgirl and her team of super femmes (Black Canary, Bluebird, Vixen, Spoiler and the Operator) are on the case, and they will stop at nothing to keep their city safe.

But not even the threat of danger will be able to stop the surprise Bon Voyage party Bab’s friends have waiting for her! With her friends all starting new jobs, relationships and more, Batgirl decides its time to figure out what her next adventure will be—and where it will take her. Read more from writer Brenden Fletcher and artists Eleonora Carlini & Minkyu Jung, Serge Lapointe (colors), and Steve Wands (letters) in  this week’s issue of BATGIRL #52!