In this issue of ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN, Robin is hunting down Suren Darga through Dinosaur Island, trying to stop him from destroying the entire world, when he finds Maya who has been shot in the back! As Talia al Ghul and Batman work to save her life, Robin takes off with Goliath to track down Suren.

Meanwhile Suren Darga has a secret weapon to awaken the full power of the Lu’un Darga, and only with the help of his entire family will Damian be able to stop him. Will Batman and Talia be able to work together? Will Robin stop the end of the world from coming? Find out more from writer Ray Fawkes and artists Ramon Bachs (art), Mat Lopes (colors), and Tom Napolitano (letters) in this week’s ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #12!