We’re Setting a Match to This Week’s Secrets

This week’s episode sure escalated quickly!  Just when you think that Bruce, Jim and Alfred avoid one maniac, we see Professor Strange is heating things up with his latest experiment. The #DCTV Secrets keep coming and we’re here to share them with you!

  • To Be a Fly on the Wall

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You’re Going to Need a Bigger Fly Swatter

Tonight’s episode had us on the edge of our seat with the relentless pursuit of both Jim and Bruce by the madman Azrael!  With pressure from the GCPD, it looked as though, perhaps, Professor Strange might start toning down his experiments.  Boy, were we wrong!

As the episode comes to a close, we see Selena in the depths of Arkham on a rescue mission to save her friend, Bridget.  Unbeknownst to Selena, she’s already too late.  Bridget is the newest experiment to join Professor Strange’s crew of growing Gotham villains.  Codename: Firefly.

Although we saw Bridget set fire to Gotham earlier in the season, and have the #DCTV Secrets column to prove it, Firefly is a character who deserves a deeper look.

First appearing in 1952’s DETECTIVE COMICS #184 as Garfield Lynns—a former special effects artist (and pyromaniac at heart) who slips into poverty. Garfield decides to turn his love of torching Gotham’s buildings into a deadly career. 

Later on, Ted Carson—a rich guy, turned poor, turned arsonist-for-hire, would pick up the mantle of Firefly in BATMAN #126. Laying waste to Gotham and leaving behind a pile of charred remains was how he got his kicks.

We can see from tonight’s episode that Bridget is following in these same footsteps.  Equipped with the signature Firefly suit, powerful flame-thrower, winged jet pack and most importantly: a devilish love for fire…it’s best to get out of the way or wind up engulfed in flames!

I just have one question: Do you like your bat extra crispy?

See you next week!