No family issues will keep us from the truth.

Desperate times call for desperate measures—that's how the saying goes, right? Rip and his team are desperate and travel to 2166 to try to stop Vandal, even though the villain is the most powerful he's ever been. At this point, why not? As they face seemingly impossible odds, they end up with a few aces up their sleeves. These are some of the #DCTV Secrets you can find in the episode:

  • Who's your daughter?
  • Sizing up

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





It's All Relative

The heroes recruit Vandal Savage's daughter Cassandra to their cause. The immortal villain has two daughters in the comics, but neither of them are named Cassandra—not quite. There's Scandal Savage, a former member of the Secret Six introduced in VILLAINS UNITED #1, and then in The New 52, there's Kassandra Sage, a.k.a. Kass. That daughter took a different career path than her father and became a police officer. You can read her thrilling tale in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS.

My, What a Big Suit You Have

In order to be on equal footing with Vandal's Leviathan, Ray experiments with his suit and goes big. He grows instead of shrinking, and watching a giant Atom in action is kind of awesome. Atom is known for his growth powers in the comic books as well. He first used them during the crossover event ZERO HOUR; his extra-large skills proved to be incredibly handy in battle.

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