In this week’s issue of SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK, Lois and her son Jon are trapped in a burning shed. Intergang knows that Lois is Author X, and her book, which revealed so many of their crimes, has now condemned her to death along with her family.
At the same moment, a TV show seeks to expose the “Man in Black” by luring him with a fake villain to stop, all to catch him in the act. But when Superman realizes that Lois and Jon are in danger he rushes to save them, and arrives just in time.
Now its time for Clark and Lois to tell their son the truth: that Clark is Superman, but not the Superman from this world.
And this just happened:
Looks like there may be a “super son” in the family!
Meanwhile, half a world away Hyathis has arrived, and she is after the power of the Oblivion stone. Will Superman be able to stop her? Make sure to read SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK #7 from writer Dan Jurgens and artists Lee Weeks & Stephen Segovia (pencils), Scott Hanna, Art Thibert & Jay Leisten (inks), Jeremy Cox (colors) and A Larger World Studios (letters) to find out more!
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