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Top Five Highlights from DC Super Hero Girls' First Season

Top Five Highlights from DC Super Hero Girls' First...

By Amy Ratcliffe Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Do you remember your first day at Super Hero High? We all enrolled at the illustrious school at the same time when DC Super Hero Girls premiered on the web back in October. In less time than an average school year, we've seen the entire first season of the animated web series and viewed a TV special featuring our heroes on Boomerang. Before we move on to new adventures and challenges in season two, let's look back at five of the coolest moments from season one of DC Super Hero Girls.

Harley Quinn's Ambition

Harley Quinn may be Super Hero High's resident class clown, but she's not only about joking around. She's on top of the media game and has established her own video channel called HQTV. She's a host and entertainer and knows just how to market the antics and achievements of her classmates for maximum views. It's been a blast to see this side of Harley Quinn.

Everyone Has Flaws

Being a hero doesn't mean someone is perfect and having super powers and cool weapons doesn't make being a teenager easier. Though every student at the high school is special in some way, we saw that they still experience struggles and hardships. That it's okay not to be perfect is an important message—and so is never giving up.

Getting Recognition

Principal Amanda Waller chose one student each month in the first season to receive the Hero of the Month award. The recipient was recognized in front of the entire school with a video highlighting his or her accomplishments. While it might cause those who don't like to be the center of attention a little embarrassment, it's good to know hard work and a devotion to doing the right thing is applauded.

Fighting with Function and Style

When you think about super heroes, one of the first things you picture is their costumes. Everyone has a signature look and accessories that complement his or her abilities. It's an important part of a hero's identity, and we got to see that Super Hero High has a class emphasizing the design and creation of a super suit that's both striking and functional.

Practice Drills

Drills in high school usually involve remembering where the fire escapes routes are, but it's different at Super Hero High. To prepare their students for a wide variety of emergencies, the teachers carefully engineered life-threatening problems and then set off the Save the Day alarm. Students flew into action and were graded on how well they used their powers and on whether they actually saved the day.

Which scenes and/or ideas from season one of DC Super Hero Girls were your favorites? Let us know in the comments or share them on social media with #DCSuperHeroGirls—we'd love to see videos with your highlights! And if you haven’t yet seen the first season of DC Super Hero Girls, you can get caught up right now on the DC Super Hero Girls website!