A Philosopher of Evil…and Secrets

This weeks episode has Gordon teaming up with Alfred and Bruce as they delve deeper into the strange (no pun intended) nature of some of Wayne Enterprises’ secret branches.  Luck is on Bruce’s side when it’s revealed that the orchestrator of his parent’s murders goes by the code name of The Philosopher…but he’s someone you’re very familiar with.  This episode had a big #DCTV Secret you won’t believe! 

  • A Fallen Angel in Gotham?

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The Angel of Death Has Cometh 

Tonight solidified with us the criminal genius of Hugo Strange.  It’s becoming clear that he’s not only creating many of Gotham’s future villains, but his responsibility in the murders of Bruce’s parents is the catalyst that will eventually give birth to the Batman. 

In the closing minutes of the episode, we see Hugo’s most recent reanimation test subject, known to us only as “Patient 44,” spring to life and start attacking medical staff in the room using precise and calculated martial arts.  As the bodies fly, Patient 44 is revealed to be Theo Galavan—resurrected from the dead and speaking in a strange, almost-biblical dialect.  Just as he takes out the last staff member, he triumphantly proclaims, “AZRAEL!” 

Azrael is a character that is no stranger in the DC Universe.  Making his first appearance in 1992’s BATMAN: SWORD OF AZARAEL #1, he is from a group of assassins that were created by The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas to “enforce God’s Will.”

Two men have taken up the mantel of fallen angel in the comics: Jean-Paul Valley and Michael Washington Lane.  Azrael possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability and stamina.  Trained in the mysterious regimen known as The System, his destiny began before birth and consisted of genetic modification and being raised to believe he is an actual angel of vengeance—straight from Biblical times.  Donning his suit seems to ignite a split personality, completely fueled by rage. 

Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) is best known for his crucial role in the Batman saga KNIGHTFALL, where he fills in for Batman after Bruce’s back is broken and he is left paralyzed by Bane.  Azrael is far more brutal and merciless than Batman, and his increasingly violent methods lead to a power struggle and eventual falling out with Dark Knight.  

Over the years he’s continued to make appearances and play roles in many of the DCU’s titles and major events, and was recently reintroduced to the Bat-Universe in BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL, suggesting that Azrael still has an important role to play in Gotham.

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