We’ve got these secrets in our sights.

When and where do you run when Time Masters are on your trail? Luckily, Rip knows a place. He takes the team to a temporal blind spot called Salvation. It also happens to be in the Old West and puts the team in the path of Jonah Hex. You don't have to meet at high noon or round up a posse to find out what secrets the Legends encountered. Just use your trigger finger to scroll down.

  • Who is Jonah Hex?
  • Read between the signs
  • Who is Hannibal Hawkes?
  • Who is Turnbull?

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





Walking the Line

Rip neglects to mention his familiarity with Salvation's Jonah Hex when the team arrives. He's rather skilled at leaving out the details, huh?

Despite any issues he may have with Rip, Jonah jumps in to help Ray and co. stop the Stillwater gang. The bounty hunter and anti-hero had an altruistic side in the comics too. He made his debut in ALL STAR WESTERN #10. Jonah's a bit of a curmudgeon and acts outside the law, but he follows a personal code of honor and is devoted to protecting the innocent. Besides being a bounty hunter, he's also been a soldier and a member of the Five Warriors from Forever. And in The New 52’s ALL STAR WESTERN, he even did some time traveling of his own alongside Booster Gold.

For more on Legends of Tomorrow’s Jonah Hex, be sure to read our interview with actor Johnathan Schaech.

Did You See the Signs?

The town of Salvation is booming with businesses. Shops in the background display all sorts of familiar names. Town residents can get a shave and a trim at Kubert's Barber Shop, an establishment named after legendary artist Joe Kubert. Kubert began his work in comics in 1942 and has worked on a number of titles for DC Comics such as WEDNESDAY COMICS, SGT. ROCK and BATMAN. He also played a key role in creating the Silver Age version of Hawkman.

Other signs are nods to members of Legends of Tomorrow crew. Klemmer and Sons refers to series executive producer Phil Klemmer. M. Sassen Wagon Repair is named after Mike Sassen, the show's transportation coordinator. The apothecary has a druggist named D. Geddes after David Geddes; he's worked as a director and a cinematographer on the show.

Getting the Job Done

The woman from Kendra's past was in love with Hannibal Hawkes, another classic DC Comics cowboy. Hawkes was introduced in WESTERN COMICS #5. Known in the comics as Nighthawk, the masked gunfighter stayed off the radar by pretending to be a traveling repairman. He was one of Prince Khufu/Carter Hall's reincarnations and the partner of Cinnamon, who on Legends, also happens to be the Wild West identity of Chay-Ara.

A Tale of Vengeance

Jonah mentions someone named Turnbull being responsible for the catastrophe he and Rip are both wary of. The Turnbull family is connected to Hex in the comics. When Hex served in the Civil War, he became friends with a soldier named Jeb Turnbull. Jeb was killed by the other side (the Union) during an incident called the Fort Charlotte Massacre, and Jeb's father Quentin blamed Hex for his son's death. Quentin poured his energy and resources into exacting revenge upon the bounty hunter.

Will the Legends be able to save their younger selves? Will there be more secrets? You'll have to come back to find out, pardner.