Ever since she made her film debut by taking on Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, people have been hungry for more Wonder Woman. It’s easy to see why. Between her banter with Bruce Wayne, the tantalizing glimpses of her storied past and the ebullient way she throws herself into battle, Gal Gadot’s small but very memorable role leaves quite an impression. You’ll have to wait until next year’s Wonder Woman solo film to see her again on the big screen, but you certainly don’t have to wait that long for more Wonder Woman. Not if you head to your local comic shop.

Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking. You’ve never read Wonder Woman comics before and you don’t know where to begin. That’s okay. We’re here to help you with that. With three very different Wonder Woman comics currently on the stands and two others still fresh in the minds of fans, it happens to be a really good time to dive into Diana’s comic book life. But as for which Wonder Woman comic you should pick up, that depends on what sort of story you’re looking for.

Like with many of our characters, a Wonder Woman story can take on many forms. Each one is compelling in its own way. You may find you enjoy quite a few of them, or you may find that one really speaks to you more than the others. Either way, we want to help steer you in the right direction. Here are five recent and very diverse Wonder Woman stories, and who they’re most likely to appeal to.

Wonder Woman (Ongoing Series)

As one of our core characters, Wonder Woman continues to have her self-titled monthly comic series, currently written by Meredith Finch and drawn by her husband David Finch. The Finches made their debut in 2014, so their story has been running quite a while and has so far been collected into two volumes (the second, WONDER WOMAN VOL. 8, will be available on May 18th). Set both in our world and on Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira, this is probably the comic that comes closest to capturing the sort of action you see in Batman v Superman on the page. Diana is solidly portrayed as a warrior here when needed, while maintaining her role as an ambassador for peace. But the comic’s frequent action sequences don’t come at the expense of substance. There’s some fascinating intrigue set within this world of gods and mortals, as well as an appealing storyline for the redeemed villain Donna Troy.

Who it Will Appeal To: Action and adventure junkies, traditional DC super hero readers, fans of adrenalized takes on Greek mythology like Clash of the Titans and God of War and readers who enjoy a good swords and sandals epic.


Wonder Woman Earth One

This standalone graphic novel is the latest “Earth One” title, which is a series of graphic novels that reimagine some of DC’s greatest heroes. The Earth One books are all written and drawn by superstars of comics, and WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE is no different. It’s penned by Grant Morrison (THE MULTIVERSITY, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) and drawn by Yanick Paquette (SWAMP THING), who draws Paradise Island as a brightly-lit oasis of classical architecture and lagoons. As a standalone series, Wonder Woman: Earth One requires no foreknowledge of the character and her world. You don’t need to know Diana’s history or be aware of characters like Steve Trevor or Etta Candy. In other words, it’s a very easy book to pick up and enjoy even if you’ve never read a comic book before.

However, this is a very different, very provocative take on the Amazonian princess, and it’s probably not going to be for everybody. Grant Morrison has brought Diana back to her roots, introducing elements of bondage and homosexuality that were there when Wonder Woman was created, but have largely fallen by the wayside since. But if you’re open to a thought-provoking, decidedly different take on the now 75-year-old heroine, don’t let these elements scare you off. Beneath them lies an unabashedly charming tale that preaches a message of understanding and acceptance of those that are different than you.

Who it Will Appeal To: Grant Morrison fans, longtime fans of the character familiar with her beginnings, readers looking for a single concise story, Barbarella fanatics and people who may or may not have a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey hidden on their e-reader.


The Legend of Wonder Woman

Like Wonder Woman Earth One, THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN retells Wonder Woman’s origin in a modern and decidedly different way. However, that’s about the only thing the two books have in common. Written by Renae de Liz and drawn by de Liz and Ray Dillon, The Legend of Wonder Woman is an all-ages, nine-issue miniseries that is published digitally before it makes its way to print. Renae de Liz made her name in part due to her stellar graphic novel adaptations of The Last Unicorn and Peter Pan and is known for her skill with broad fantasy, and that’s clearly on display here. Beginning with Diana’s birth and childhood on Themyscira before moving on to her rise as the Amazons’ champion and journey into man’s world, it’s a large-view look at Diana’s life that’s brought to vivid, colorful life by de Liz and Dillon’s breathtaking art.

Who it Will Appeal To: Traditional fantasy lovers, Hayao Miyazaki fans, people who dreamed of visiting Narnia or Neverland as children, younger readers and people who prefer a more traditional take on Wonder Woman.

Where to Start: This one’s not yet available as a graphic novel collection, so you should start with THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN #1. If you’re not a weekly comic book reader, you might find it more convenient to read this one digitally.

Wonder Woman (New 52 Debut)

This is technically the same series as the one currently being written and drawn by the Finches, but it was published prior to their taking over and is entirely different from their take. Written by Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE) and drawn largely by Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), this acclaimed storyline started in 2011 with the debut of DC’s New 52 relaunch. Its approach to the Wonder Woman mythos is much closer to the comics published by Vertigo than what you’d typically see in a DC monthly. Almost entirely removed from Diana’s traditional super heroics, Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman reimagined Diana’s mythological roots, presenting a family drama and adventure populated with strange and magical beings set within and around the halls of Mt. Olympus and the hills of Themyscira. Expect a wondrously reimagined Greek pantheon and a clever cast of characters you’ll not soon forget.

Who it Will Appeal To: Fans of classic Vertigo comics like THE SANDMAN, FABLES and Azzarello’s own 100 BULLETS, urban/modern fantasy lovers, mythology buffs, Game of Thrones devotees and anyone who’s ever wondered what a gun-toting Wonder Woman would look like. (Trust us, that last one’s not what you’re thinking!)

Where to Start: WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: BLOOD

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman

If none of the above sounds enticing to you, then we humbly present SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN. Named after the classic Golden Age comic series in which Wonder Woman often played a lead role, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman is an anthology featuring an eclectic crew of popular and award-winning writers and artists (Gail Simone, Chris Sprouse, Gilbert Hernandez, James Tynion IV) alongside some amazing indie creators and talented up-and-comers. As an anthology, all the stories here are short and pretty straightforward, but there’s a remarkable diversity to them. Some are traditional super hero tales set in our world, others are fantasies set on Themyscira, a couple take place in outer space, one’s set at a girl’s birthday party… Seriously, guys, these stories run the gamut. But that’s what you want from a great anthology, right?

Who it Will Appeal To: Everybody. Seriously, everybody. If you can’t find at least one story here that you enjoy, then you just don’t like Wonder Woman.

Where to Start: SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1 or just download the stories that sound interesting to you and read them digitally.

Of course, you could also hold off until June 8th when bestselling writer Greg Rucka returns to Wonder Woman in the eagerly awaited WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1, but why wait? There are plenty of great stories featuring your favorite Amazon in stores right now. Welcome you to Themiscyra. We hope you enjoy your stay!