Being the new kid in school isn't easy, regardless of who you are. Wonder Woman at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee, the first DC Super Hero Girls prose book, explores what the first day of class is like at the renowned school for the Paradise Island princess. It wasn't an easy decision for Wonder Woman to leave her home and mother behind to enroll in Super Hero High, but with a desire to learn more about the human race and a goal of using her powers to help as many people as possible, Wonder Woman felt she had no other choice but to sign up for the school. She's brave in so many ways.

The book details Wonder Woman's challenges and successes. Because she has only lived on Paradise Island, she has a lot to learn about little things such as having everyday conversations—she takes everything literally. She has to maneuver the ins and outs of socializing, too. She faces less than friendly students such as Cheetah, but also bonds with her roommate Harley Quinn and awesome students like Bumblebee.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High's story starts before the beginning of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries and then follows a parallel path with the first season. The book enriches the world of Super Hero High, and it brings the characters to life in exciting new ways. Sure, they're super heroes, but we still have plenty in common with them. Anyone who's ever stepped foot in a classroom will be able to relate to Wonder Woman's woes and triumphs. It almost makes us miss our high school days. Almost.

Random House's Wonder Woman at Super Hero High is available anywhere books are sold.