Like all of you, we’re pretty excited that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters this month. So excited, in fact, that we devoted an entire month’s worth of variant covers to the highly anticipated new film and its massive battle between the Son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham. You’ll find them on some of our most popular comics, including the most recent issues of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Detective Comics and Action Comics. However, these aren’t your typical variant covers. They’re blind polybags. Meaning that you don’t know exactly what cover you have until you’ve bought the comic and unbagged it.

Trust us, unbagging the covers is half the fun. We’ve been unbagging each week’s new variant covers as a part of our weekly new comic unboxings we do on Periscope every Tuesday. (You’ve seen our unboxings, haven’t you? Make sure you’re following DC Comics on Twitter and Periscope so you don’t miss out!) And we’re not the only ones who have been doing it. Quite a few of our fans have shot their own unbagging videos for the DC Fans YouTube channel, like our buddies Josh and Anna from GeekonReview.

As you see in JUICEfromtheBOX and GeekonReview’s unbagging clips, in each bag you’ll find one of three different cover images—a full color variant, a character spotlight or a fade. The full-color variant is just that: full color. It looks like our usual comic covers. The character spotlight uses color to highlight one of the two characters on it, either Batman or Superman. And the fade gives you a glimpse of the artistic process by fading the image from the artist’s original pencil sketch all the way to the finished cover. You can see all three variations in this unbagging from Superhero News team.

The cover art is from some of the best and most original artists working in comics today, such as Rafael Grampa, Martin Ansin and Kevin Maguire, who provided the three covers in the unbagging videos. Keep an eye out for additional Batman v Superman variant covers from Kaare Andrews (SUPERMAN #50), Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee (BATMAN #50), Massimo Carnevale (WONDER WOMAN #50) and Kevin Nowlan (BATGIRL #50), just to name a few.

All of the covers pay tribute to Zack Snyder’s movie in a way that only comics can and are available at a comic shop near you. And if you’d like to see more unbagging videos along with other great clips created by fans, be sure to subscribe to our DC Fans channel. Now, repeat it with us, “Only four more days… Only four more days… Only four more days…”