The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #1 anthology brings new and thrilling adventures of the legendary Firestorm, Metamorpho, Sugar & Spike, and Metal Men. Four amazing story arcs all available in one book!


The fused form of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rausch is the key to the Firestorm Matrix’ survival, but its instability has put Jason’s life in danger! To save him, Stein believes they must retrieve the stolen research of Dalton Black, aka Multiplex. See what happens next from writer Gerry Conway and artists Eduardo Pansica and Rob Hunter!


Rex Mason, an explorer for hard to find artifacts, has been exposed to an ancient relic called the Orb of Ra, changing him into Metamorpho! But now he is a prisoner of millionaire Simon Stagg and his bodyguard Java, who believe Rex is the key to harnessing the orbs power. Only one person can help him now…Stagg’s daughter Sapphire! See more from writer/artist Aaron Lopresti and artist Matt Banning!


You can never really leave the past behind you, especially if you’re famous, and that’s where Sugar and Spike specialize! As private investigators for superheroes their first assignment is to find a collection of “unique” retired Batman suits that have been taken by Killer Moth. See what happens from writer Keith Giffen and artist Bilquis Evely!


Dr. Will Magnus’ Metal Men—Gold, Platinum, Lead, Iron, Tin and Mercury—were created to protect humanity. But when a cyber-terrorist known as Nameless unleashing a lethal government project, the Metal Men must rise to the occasion and stop the world from being destroyed. Stay tuned for more from writer Len Wein and artists Yildiray Cinar and Trevor Scott!