Knock, knock. We have a casserole made of secrets for you.

The Legends team travels to a small Oregon town to follow a lead on Vandal Savage. There, they learn Savage is performing dangerous experiments at the psychiatric hospital and making tasty tuna casseroles. He has all sorts of skills. While the team tries to figure out Savage's plan, they stumble upon some secrets -- but we have a few more.

  • A stay at Hotel Gadsden.
  • Who is Curtis Knox?
  • What is Hall H?

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.






Checking In Could Be a Puzzle

When Rip Hunter explains the mission to the team, he shows a photo of Harmony Falls with Hotel Gadsden in the background. The hotel shares the name with Gadsden Graves. The super smart character, also known as Cipher, first appeared in ADVENTURES IN THE DC UNIVERSE #1. Even though he was the CFO of McKinney Enterprises, he bankrupted the company because he emptied the company's coffers to fund his ambitions as Cipher.

A Villain By Another Name

The Vandal Savage of 1958 Harmony Falls goes by Dr. Curtis Knox. The alias probably sounded familiar to fans of Smallville. The immortal villain appeared in the seventh season of that series as Dr. Curtis Knox; he was played by Dean Cain.

Busting Into Hallowed Ground

The restricted ward of the psychiatric hospital where Vandal Savage conducts his "research" is referred to as Hall H. If you know about Comic-Con International in San Diego, you've likely heard Hall H discussed in reverent tones. The massive hall hosts the biggest and best panels at the convention every summer. Getting into Hall H is a test of endurance and mettle because it involves hours and hours of waiting in line.