Are you currently reading SWAMP THING? If not then now is a great time to get caught up!

This week’s issue reintroduces Matt Cable to the DCU! Returning after years of feeling responsible for the plight of Alec Holland’s transformation into the Swamp Thing, Matt has scoured the earth to find a way to make Alec human again. He returns with the very thing to help: the Hand of Fatima!

The Hand, however, requires some serious magical power, and Swampy knows just who to seek: Zatanna! She is intrigued and though she agrees to help, she stresses the dangerous risks and potential “side effects”.

And then this just happened: Zatanna casts her spell, Alec is once again human but now… Cable is SWAMP THING!

Cable has a point… what DID we think was going to happen?

What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

SWAMP THING #3 is written by Len Wein with art by Kelly Jones (illustrator), Michelle Madsen (colorist), and Rob Leigh (letterer).