Let's unlock some of Master Jailer's secrets.

A deadly sort of law enforcement has arrived in National City. As Kara works with the DEO to try to stop Master Jailer and his overzealous methods, she also faces a new rival in the workplace. Siobhan Smythe seems like she's keeping something under wraps, and we're here to reveal secrets about her and others.

  • Who is Siobhan Smythe?
  • Who is Master Jailer?
  • Bow down to Rao!
  • Where is Starhaven?
  • Who is Alphonse Luzano?

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Cover Your Ears

Kara's new co-worker might be ambitious and on top of things, but she's also mean and nosy. Siobhan Smythe has a history of being a baddie when it comes to the comic books—on the page, she's Silver Banshee. The villain debuted in ACTION COMICS #595 as Siobhan McDougal. She was accidentally transformed into Silver Banshee during a family ritual and faced off against the likes of Superman.

Siobhan Smythe took up the Silver Banshee mantle in The New 52's SUPERGIRL #7. Siobhan became Supergirl's friend and revealed herself as Silver Banshee after her father, Black Banshee, attacked. Silver Banshee could manipulate sound waves and use sonic screams to cause destruction. She's also exhibited superhuman strength, agility, and endurance as well as a talent for multilingualism.

Let's Break Some Chains

Master Jailer is the kind of thug that gives vigilantes a bad name. He took punishment of Fort Rozz prisoners into his own hands and went too far. Is anything more extreme than a guillotine? We think not!

In the comic books, Master Jailer's alter ego was Carl Draper—Detective Draper is a nod to that alias. Draper first appeared in SUPERMAN #331 and initially turned towards villainy because he was jealous of Superboy and Lana Lang.

As Master Jailer, he was able to summon and control items like chains and ropes—anything that could be used to entrap his victims. His genius-level expertise on the subjects of architecture and locksmith made him a formidable threat for Superman.

Shine On You Crazy Diety

Non and Kara say good-bye to Astra following touching Kryptonian rites, during which they mention Rao the sun god. Rao is the name of Krypton's red sun and at various points has been a deity responsible for creating Krypton. You could think of Rao as a personification of the sun.

Recently, Rao caused some real trouble for Superman and the Justice League in the pages of Bryan Hitch’s JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

Out There in the Milky Way

Prisoner 2445 discusses his homeworld of Starhaven fondly. The fictional planet made its first appearance in SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #226. Located in the Milky Way galaxy, Starhaven was settled by the Anasazi people, who were kidnapped from Earth by alien engineers and deposited there.

Not Exactly on the Up and Up

Speaking of prisoner 2445, the professor's name is Alphonse Luzano. Dr. Luzano worked with Tektites in the comics, and the nanotechnology was responsible for turning Mitchell Shelley into Resurrection Man. Supergirl got Luzano out of prison in SUPERGIRL #28 in order to try to get him to help with a cure for cancer. The criminal scientist ended up making more Tektites for himself, but it didn't end so well for him.

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