Have you been reading THE FLASH? In the aftermath his recent clash with Zoom, The Flash finds himself on the run…from the law. The Central City Police Department has set their sights on the Scarlet Speedster, which makes it difficult for Barry Allen to do his job! Barry is now Public Enemy #1!

How fast does The Flash need to run in order to catch himself? Is that even possible?

And the CCPD isn't leaving anything up to chance. They're calling for reinforcements: The big guns. (And one big, cold, gun.)

Because the task force charged with arresting The Flash is made up of his enemies, The Rogues!

The action heats up as the 'heroes' track down their target. And, in the middle of the action, there's an awesome burn on Leonard Snart: “Just because you had a cup of coffee with the Justice League, Cold… doesn’t make you a hero.”

The Rogues are a great team, but The Flash can run circles around them.

Spoiler Alert: The Rogues are left empty-handed. Their target gave them the slip.

But then, this happened:

Will Heat Wave be the one to put The Flash on ice? Or will Barry have a way to dodge this villain, too? Sound off in the comments below!

THE FLASH #48, written by Robert Venditti & Van Jensen with art by Jesus Merino (penciller & inker), Guy Major (colorist) and Pat Brosseau (letterer), is available in stores now!