Is there anything more wonderful than comic book love? Whether it’s the love between two beloved comic book characters or the real world affection between a pair of devoted fans, it’s inspiring and worthy of celebrating this Valentine’s Day weekend. That’s why we sent two of our most romantic statues from DC Collectibles to two of YouTube’s most amazing couples to shoot some unboxing clips for our DC Fans channel.

Yesterday, we asked Mark and Ashley of Nerd Therapy to unwrap our soon to be released Green Arrow and Black Canary statue…

And today, we turned the channel over to Anna and Josh of GeekonReview, who unboxed our DC Comics Bombshells Joker and Harley Quinn statue. (You have to love Anna’s elated reaction when she discovers what it is!)

If you’d like either of these statues for yourself, your nearest comic book or specialty store is your best place to find them. The Joker and Harley statue is available now, while Green Arrow and Black Canary will be in stores next month. Of course, if you’re looking for more unboxings, reviews and other DC Comics videos made by our talented fans, you’ll want to subscribe to the DC Fans channel, which this week also featured a review of the latest issue of New Suicide Squad from Comic Time and a look at Monday’s Alan Moore-inspired episode of Supergirl by ComicUno!