We're pulling back the Iron Curtain to discover secrets.

Vandal Savage is maintaining a somewhat low profile in the Soviet Union, so finding his precise location involves a visit to the Pentagon. Our heroes have to attempt to stay off the radar while they investigate Savage's activities, but we don't have anything to hide 'round these parts.

Here are the #DCTV Secrets from this week's episode:

  • Who is Valentina Vostock?
  • A spy in a previous life
  • Behold, the Winged Avenger!
  • What is Vanishing Point?

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





Let's Keep It Positive

Valentina Vostock shows Ray and Snart she has no qualms about helping Vandal develop another Firestorm. She's fierce and no-nonsense, just like her namesake in the comics. The Soviet Air Force officer who eventually became Negative Woman made her debut in SHOWCASE #94. Valentina was leaving Russia behind for the United States when she crashed her stolen plane into the same spot where the original Doom Patrol presumably died. Talk about a terrible coincidence! There, she merged with energy that once belonged to Negative Man.

Valentina became Negative Man's replacement and made it to the U.S. where she joined the second iteration of Doom Patrol. After losing her powers when Negative Man was found to actually be alive, Valentina worked for the U.S. government in a variety of super secret roles. She ended up replacing Amanda Waller as the White Queen, the leader of Checkmate.

That time Brandon Routh Went Rogue

Ray Palmer jokes about how he's always wanted to be a spy, but actor Brandon Routh has already been there and done that. He played Daniel Shaw, a rogue CIA agent, in the television series Chuck.

A Familiar Nickname

Superheroes acquire nicknames over the years in comics. The Flash is called the Scarlet Speedster, Green Arrow is known as the Emerald Archer, and Hawkman and Hawkgirl are sometimes referred to as Winged Avengers. Rip used the moniker for Kendra in tonight's episode.

Real Estate in a Different Dimension

Time Master Druce isn't pleased with Rip's actions and wants to take the troublesome Time Master back to Vanishing Point. In the comics, it's both a location and a title, nestled in a dimension separate from the space and time continuum. Basically, Vanishing Point is located at the end of time.

In TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT, the fortress was the home of Rip's family. Rip’s father in the comics, Booster Gold, teleported the residence to the end of time to keep it hidden.

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