Let's dig up the mysteries of Supergirl's strange lookalike.

Maxwell Lord is not a member of the Supergirl fan club. He wants to take the Kryptonian down, and he uses his scientific acumen to engineer Bizarro Supergirl. She has a single purpose: kill Supergirl! The DEO learns about Lord's nefarious plan, but we have other secrets to share.

  • Who is Bizarro Supergirl?
  • A prime kidnapping target.

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Not Your Average Doppelganger

In a world where super heroes soar in the skies, the idea of having a doppelganger isn't outlandish. But Bizarro, named by Cat Grant, stands apart. She's able to hold her own against Kara.


The most well known version of Supergirl’s version of Bizarro is probably Bizarrogirl. In the comics, Bizarrogirl is from the cube-shaped planet Htrae, a world of opposites that's also the home of Bizarro. Upon escaping the Godship invading Htrae during her first appearance in 2010's SUPERGIRL #53, Bizarrogirl crashed in Metropolis. Her super strength and invulnerability allowed her to match Supergirl hit for hit, but her other powers were the opposite of Supergirl's. She could breathe flame instead of cold air, emit icy cold rays from her eyes instead of heat vision, and wield solid vision rather than x-ray vision. 

Bizarrogirl is not to be confused with the first Bizarro Supergirl who appeared in SUPERMAN #140. That version was created via a duplicating machine by Bizarro Jr. Another Bizarro Supergirl was introduced in 2001's SUPERGIRL #62; she was a clone whose creation was orchestrated by Two-Face and Buzz.

What Is It About Jimmy Olsen?

Being the friend of so many super heroes can be a dangerous position. Bizarro kidnaps James Olsen to get Supergirl's attention in the episode, and Bizarro-Girl did the same in SUPERGIRL #55. She nabbed any of Supergirl's pals who tried to stop her, including Jimmy. She was planning to devour Jimmy when Supergirl broke her bonds and used solar radiation to stop Bizarro-Girl.

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