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John Romita, Jr. Brings the DC Universe to Life

John Romita, Jr. Brings the DC Universe to Life

By Tim Beedle Friday, January 15th, 2016

Since coming to DC, John Romita, Jr. has drawn Superman and Batman. Which of our heroes will he be drawing next? Oh, just about everyone.

April is known for spring rain showers, practical jokes and the start of the NBA and NHL Playoffs, but in 2016, the fourth month of the year will also be known for John Romita, Jr. That’s because the legendary artist the subject of our latest variant cover theme. This April will bring with it 26 different John Romita, Jr. variant covers gracing titles that include the obvious Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Justice League, but also Grayson, Titans Hunt, Red Hood/Arsenal, We Are Robin and Superman: Lois and Clark!

Look for all of these variant covers in comic shops throughout April!