One Perfect Panel is a recurring feature that identifies and examines noteworthy comic book panels, presenting them for your appreciation and discussion. Some of these panels will be epic in scale, while others will be quiet character beats, but all will be masterful in composition and impact.

From Green Lantern #48
Pencils by Martin Coccolo
Colors by Tony Aviña
Letters by Dave Sharpe

Considering how…uh, glowy his powers can be, it’s not always easy to make Green Lantern look intimidating. Bright lights and large, emerald-color constructs may look cool, but aren’t exactly the stuff of nightmares. So it speaks to the significant talent of the artists, inkers and colorists who have worked on Green Lantern throughout the years that Hal Jordan regularly comes off as a powerful, dominant and often angry hero rather than a buffed-up raver with a super-powered glowstick. (Which, come to think of it, would actually be a pretty awesome super-villain.)

Two such artists are Martin Coccolo and Tony Aviña, the line artist and colorist of the recently released GREEN LANTERN #48. In this pivotal issue, an angry Hal Jordan seeks out the villain known as Sonar after his attack on Coast City leaves a young member of the Jordan family in the hospital. Following a lead, Green Lantern infiltrates a terrorist training camp with ties to Sonar, and Coccolo’s POV splash panel makes it very clear that glowy green lights or not, you don’t want to get on Hal Jordan’s bad side. He can be downright terrifying.


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