Have you been reading MIDNIGHTER? Last month’s issue of Midnighter wrapped up the first arc with devastating results for the man with a computer in his brain, calculating every move he makes. Midnighter doesn't make mistakes, and he certainly won't make one twice. So what (or who) is next for Midnighter to punch the brains out of?

Monstrosities called Chimeras! Teaming up with Dominic Mndawe, Midnighter teleports into the melee of animal parts expecting to cream some Chimeras and be home for dessert. But it's the organization behind cobbling together these creatures that Midnighter ends up cracking, not the Chimeras they created. It's an action-packed issue!

But then this just happened (see below) when Helena Bertinelli, aka Matron of Spyral, recruits Midnighter to go up against the Suicide Squad, who stole the powerful Perdition Pistol.

The parallels between Matron recruiting Midnighter and Amanda Waller recruiting Deadshot are uncanny. But Midnighter is his own man, so he responds with “I won’t work for you. But I will work with you.”

Breaking hearts and jaws, that Midnighter. What an awesome hero. Sound off in the comments below!

MIDNIGHTER #8, written by Steve Orlando with art by David Messina, Gaetano Carlucci, and Romulo Fajardo, Jr., is available in stores now!