Another great year in the world of DC All Access has come and gone, and with the new year upon us, I am in a bit of a nostalgic mood and wanted to share just a few of my favorite moments with all of you! When you talk about DC All Access, it's everything from TV to comics to movies to… Well, you name it and I bet somehow Batman or Superman is involved, hehe. So, my Top 3 of the year cover a lot of those bases.

First up... Checking out the updated tour on the Warner Brothers lot! Not only was it cool to see all of the behind the scenes sets, but when I went on the tour, the new Batman, Superman AND Wonder Woman costumes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were on display. Getting an up-close look at those with the designer, Michael Wilkinson, was amazing! There’s so much time, detailing and love that goes into these films that getting an inside look—including easter eggs—on our heroes’ looks was definitely a highlight of the year.


Then heading over to the garage that houses some of the most iconic Bat vehicles, walking in and seeing the newest one on display and hearing all about the fan reactions was pretty freaking cool. The new Batmobile was the centerpiece for the garage and has such an amazing crossover look when you see it right next to its predecessor, the Tumbler. (And keep your eye on DC All Access because we may have even more with that vehicle coming up in the future.) Anyway, since going that first time, I have been back three times bringing friends and family. So, yeah I thought it was pretty cool and I think you will too.

Now, from seeing the Batmobile in the garage to seeing it on Hollywood Blvd where Bob Kane was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Getting to attend that event was really incredible. The street was closed off, lined with fans, the new Batmobile was parked right in front and all kinds of Bat family were there to honor him. From Jim Lee to Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder and Kane’s family, it was a packed Batcave (bad pun I know, but you get my drift!). Yet another spot for fans to come and pay their respects to a man without whom we would never have Batman!


And now, on to another man that propelled Batman on to a whole new level, Frank Miller and The Dark Knight. Upon hearing Frank Miller would be working on a new chapter of Dark Knight, I was blown away to hear it would be with none other than Brian Azzarello. What Frank did with the Dark Knight influenced so many fans, writer and artists, myself included. I got to talk to so many people over the year who discussed their first experiences with the Dark Knight and that was pretty cool too!

But honestly, to say that sometimes you get to meet a legend was how I felt when I got to sit down with Frank Miller in New York and hear about his past work and what may be in store for the future! Just hearing him say that yeah, he hates Superman was a moment I will never forget!


All that being said, those were just a FEW of the epically cool, mind blowing, geek girl dream moments that I got to experience this year on DC All Access. And the best part is that I get to take all of you along with me! Well, here’s to a great Christmas and a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year filled with so many more of those moments I will share with you right here on DC All Access!