Have you been reading JUSTICE LEAGUE? The Justice League has become Gods!

Batman has become the God of Knowledge, Lex Luthor has become the God of Apokolips, Superman has become the God of Strength, The Flash has become the God of Death, Shazam has become the God of Gods, Hal Jordan has become the God of Light, and “Darkseid War” still rages on!

In this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE #46, Grail discovers a truth about Wonder Woman that disturbs even her! And a shocking secret about the fate of the Anti-Monitor will force the League to seek out new and unlikely allies! Will Jessica Cruz, or Scott Free, or Big Barda be the key to ending this odyssey? Will the Crime Syndicate have any part to play?

And no side can back down, because Darkseid's ultimate weapon, the Anti-Life Equation, is still in the game. And, by the looks of things, Grail has big plans for it if she has her way. Which side is she on? Team League or Team Apokolips? Sound off in the comments below!

JUSTICE LEAGUE #46, written by Geoff Johns with art by Francis Manapul, is available in stores now!