First in a new EARTH 2: SOCIETY #7, Huntress feels it's her responsibility to memoralize her late father through process of terraforming the planet. Teaming up with Doctor Impossible the two plan to destroy their new planet in hopes of bringing back the original Earth that they lost. As the fledgling society of new Earth threatens to disintegrate into chaos, can the raw power of the Green Lantern overcome the godlike abilities of Doctor Impossible? Or is Alan Scott just a man, after all? Make sure to check out what writer, Daniel H. Wilson, along with artists, Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges, have cooked up in this Wednesday's EARTH 2: SOCIETY #7.   

Then in an all new SLASH & BURN #2, by, writer, Si Spencer and, artists, Max Dunbar and Ande Parks, as Rosheen wraps up the case of the trigger-happy corpse, her quest to find the face from her past sparks memories of her childhood days of arson and infamy. Exploding squirrels, broken fingers and a fistful of doodles lead Rosheen closer to an explosive showdown with the Matchstick Man. Don't miss SLASH & BURN #2 on sale this Wednesday.