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This Just Happened: Hal Jordan Sees The Light!

This Just Happened: Hal Jordan Sees The Light!

By Clark Bull Friday, November 13th, 2015

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR: GREEN LANTERN #1 yet and don't want to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

Have you been reading JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR? So far it's been all-out massive-scale Geoff-Johns-and-Jason-Fabok-style action, but this week, in JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR: GREEN LANTERN #1, we're bringing you all-out character-nailing epic-Tom-King-style brilliance. And he brings the brillance of Doc Shaner with him.

Lightray brilliance.

In the wake of Darkseid's death, members of the Justice League have been gaining the powers of the Gods - but at what price to their humanity? The great army of Darkseid - aka HORDES OF MILLIONS OF PARADEMONS - have flocked to the most powerful force in the universe - the Central Battery of the Green Lantern Corps.

With an attack on Oa this monstrous, the entire Corps gathered to defend their home. They fought, they fought hard, and they were broken. They were given a choice, and they chose to fight to the death. They fought until there was only one Lantern left.

Hal Jordan.

And this is where the issue gets interesting. Hal's fight to the end is balanced with quick flashes back to the moments that best define what makes him the Green Lantern he is. His force of will, his humanity, his faith and belief in himself and his fellow heroes.

Those heroes? Those superheroes? They're the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

So Hal embraces the power at his disposal. He combines his ring with a Mother Box and becomes the God of Light!

But, in the end, does Hal Jordan have the pure will to save his allies and friends? Will he be corrupted by this power, or will he shine as the hero he truly is? This one-shot is the book to pick up. It's everything you want in a Green Lantern story! Sound off in the comments below!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR: GREEN LANTERN #1, written by Tom King with art by Doc Shaner and Chris Sotomayor, is available in stores now!