When last we left the guys and gals of Gotham, a lot had happened. The Penguin had finally ascended to the top of the Gotham underworld after Fish Mooney appeared to fall to her death. Don Falcone had left the city, and with Maroni dead, it would appear that the criminal old guard is no more. Barbara Kean had flipped out, murdered her parents and tried to kill Leslie Thompkins. Detective Gordon had vowed to bring down the corrupt Commissioner Loeb. Bruce Wayne had found a hidden cave beneath his father’s study. And Edward Nygma…well, let’s just say his future is one big question mark.

With so many storylines to continue, and a couple of new characters to introduce to boot, it’s only natural to wonder what you might expect from tonight’s second season premiere. Well, far be it from us to leave you wondering. Down that path lies madness, and we have more than enough mad people where Gotham is concerned. Here’s a list of five things you can look for when Gotham returns this evening….and one thing to not.

Our Heroes Have Been Humbled

Let’s face it, while Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock may have helped put a stop to the gang war that threatened the entire city in the Season 1 finale, they didn’t exactly do it cleanly. As a public servant, that sort of thing gives your enemies within the organization plenty to hang you for, and when tonight’s premiere begins, you’ll see Gordon and Bullock in two very different places than they were the last time you saw them.

What about Bruce? Surely he’s found the answers about his father he was looking for in that mysterious mancave, right? Not exactly. At first his attempts to gain access to it are thwarted by something maddeningly simple, but effective. That’s the thing about Gotham, both the show and the city, the moment you feel you’ve succeeded at something, you discover that all it’s done is unlock a whole new set of problems.

Plenty of New and Familiar Villains

Fox has been hailing the new season of Gotham as the “Rise of the Villains,” and tonight’s episode certainly delivers on that. New villains are introduced, familiar ones return and a few former heroes take further steps towards their dark destiny.

You remember Jerome, right? The kid with the evil grin and a laugh that’s very reminiscent of you-know-who’s? He’s back and by all accounts it looks like he’ll be playing a big role this season. He shares quite a few scenes with Barbara Kean, who is now in Arkham and has crossed deliciously over into villain territory. The Penguin is back, of course, and so is Victor Zsasz. We also get another scene with Nygma absolutely losing it, and we’ll be introduced to Theo and Tabitha Galavan, the wicked brother and sister duo who look like they’ll be causing plenty of trouble this season for the good cops of the GCPD. (You’re going to love have Tabitha “shows someone out” of a late episode meeting.)

Speaking of Heroes and Villains…Can You Tell Which is Which?

Whether you’re familiar with the city from the comics or not, it should be clear by now that there’s something rotten in Gotham. It corrupts and darkens otherwise good people, and tonight’s premiere reinforces that in a shocking way.

Detective Gordon has been willing to bend the rules and disregard his moral compass in the past, but tonight he’ll be put in a position that’s reminiscent to the one he was put in at the end of last season’s pilot, only with much different results. What does it mean? Simply that this is a very different Jim Gordon than the man we met a year ago. He’s still our hero, but despite all his best intentions, even he’s been unable to keep his hands clean. What that will mean for the season going forward is uncertain, but it’ll be fun to see it play out.

Zardaan, The Soul Reaper

Just go with us on this one.

Bruce Inches Ever Closer to His Destiny

Bruce’s story gets plenty of screen time tonight, and he has some particularly great exchanges with Alfred that not only entertain, but reveal that their relationship has reached a turning point. While last season, Alfred seemed to frown upon Bruce’s obsession over uncovering the truth about his parents, he’s starting to become more supportive—a necessary transition considering their relationship once Bruce reaches adulthood. But this is nothing compared to what Bruce discovers near the end of the episode. It furthers his story, but also movingly hints at Bruce’s future as Batman and what that will ultimately mean for Bruce’s life.

All of these are things you should look for in tonight’s new episode. But there is one thing you shouldn’t…

Jim Gordon’s Mustache

The future commissioner’s upper lip is still completely ’stache-free. Do you think they celebrate Movember in Gotham City?

Gotham returns tonight with an all new episode at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on Fox. If you're looking for more on Gotham, be sure to watch DC All Access's recent interview with the cast, their discussion with actor David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and their list of the ten best moments from season one!