Have you been reading GOTHAM ACADEMY? If you have, you know that some of Olive's troubles are simply teen angst.

Add in a recently deceased mother that everyone thinks is a villain (her ghost may or may not be haunting the school!), and suddenly Olive Silverlock isn't just a normal teen torn between potential romance with Tristan or Kyle. Or torn between developing friendships with Pomeline and Maps.

Olive can't be everything to everyone, can she?

But then the cover to GOTHAM ACADEMY #10 shows up - we previewed the issue this past Monday. And we learn that the school play is Macbeth! “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!”

Olive and the gang join the school production - they're a detective club, remember - to get backstage and find clues about the recent disasters onstage. Is the play haunted? Is Calamity back?

How close of a look did you take at the cover?

Did you notice that the three witches are using a cauldron made of a clay-like head? Now that you've seen it, can you guess who's REALLY stealing the show? (hint: it isn't Colton)

Sound off in the comments below! Did you judge the book by it's cover?

GOTHAM ACADEMY #10, written by Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher, art by Karl Kerschl with Msassyk, is available in stores now!