So DC All Access may have gone on a little summer break but that hasn't stopped all the comics from hitting store shelves all season! I have been all about the sunny, bright and fun reads the past few weeks. So even though summer may be ending, here are a few comics that I think can keep your summer vibes going!

Black Canary

Want to take in that last summer rock show before you head back to school? Well, then I have just the comic for you—Black Canary. This is a super unique and edgy take on Black Canary, and it's a spinoff of Batgirl, so if you've been digging the style and vibe of that comic, then you are going to be in for a treat with this one. Brendan Fletcher is writing and the artwork is by Annie Wu. I love this team together. They really do get that rock emo vibe across with story and even fun articles thrown into the mix. Dinah is the lead singer of a punk rock band called Black Canary. She really is trying to take a break from her crime fighting days, but the baddies just won't seem to leave her be. And the fun comes in with seeing her try to balance rock life and super hero life. With that comes training her band to be fighters just in case they get caught in the crossfire. Just when she thinks she may be the target of the attacks that seem to keep happening to her band well... she may be mistaken. But you'll have to read it to find out!


Next up, Starfire. If you want to hang on to that last bit of summer sun why not head to Key West, Florida and spend some time getting to know Kori, a fun, light-hearted, quirky, sweet and super sexy alien princess? She protects the people of Florida (and their parrots) and fights hurricanes and evil oracle demons! What I love about this one—and I think you get a good feel for this too with what Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti do with Harley Quinn—is how the series builds out the cast of characters around their main character. So, we meet Stella and her brother Saul who are helping Kori to "fit in" with fashion and even grocery store runs. It really is just such a playful read and even with that kind of slice-of-life feel they are able to put in a little twist at the end of issue #3. Maybe, just maybe the demon oracle monster and the bad things going down around Starfire aren't really her doing and might be the doing of one of those characters Conner and Palmiotti do such a great job of putting out in the world! We'll all have to wait to see the reveal this week in issue #4.

Gotham Academy

And finally, school is back in session with Gotham Academy. This is the second story arc for this totally fresh book from two of my favorite writers, Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher. And when I say fresh that means the art too—it really immerses you in the world as well, so thank you, Karl Kerschl. Anyway, the series takes place in Gotham Academy, a prep school for Gotham's elite. But, it centers around some completely new characters who constantly find themselves smack dab in the middle of danger, romance and mystery. I'd describe this one as the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys of Gotham for all ages. The first arc really focused on Olive and Maps, but this time around we’re getting to know even more about some of their love interests, which happen to be part of the fabric of Gotham as well. Enter Damien Wayne.

So yes you will get tons of nods to some characters you know and love, but with a totally fun new take on each of them. Gotham Academy does center on younger characters, but I have to say this is really a book that any Bat-fan will find joy in. So, if you are headed back to school, make sure you take along the gang from Gotham Academy and beware of gym class and werewolves! If you read issue #9 you'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

Hope you enjoy my little back to school edition of what I am loving and reading on my summer break! Let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know what books you're loving. And I’ll see you all with brand new episodes of DC All Access this week!

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