The Bombshells are back! Yes, this month sees the return of our ever-popular, radically retro Bombshells variant covers. Twenty-one unique variant covers featuring DC Collectibles’ WWII pinup-inspired take on our characters will grace some of our most popular comics this month. These variants will be available along with our standard covers at your local comic shop—but they’re popular, so grab ’em while you can. They’re sure to go quick!

To help you decide which cover you prefer, or to just have some fun with on Twitter or Tumblr, we’ve created the below GIFs showing off this week’s four variants. Enjoy!





We're going to go ahead and judge these books by their covers and say that all four of 'em are awesome. Even better, they're just a small sampling of the covers available this month. Be sure to check out the GIFs we made for Week One and Week Two of our DC Comics Bombshells Variant Cover Month, and stop by next Wednesday to grab our last (and largest) batch of cover GIFs.