Have you been reading ACTION COMICS? Shadow monsters impersonating police officers have taken Metropolis hostage! Superman, meanwhile, has lost his super-speed and strength. He’s boots on the ground, just like every other civilian and peacekeeper, but Superman refuses to let his friends and neighbors suffer even though he’s not the super man he once was.
But this isn’t the news! You all know this part! Superman clocked one of those shadow monsters last month!
Knowing he can’t physically protect the city himself, and because the S.W.A.T. team keeps pushing forward into noncombatant protestors, Superman turns to his community to inspire them and to encourage them to walk away before the action gets too rough.
But, if they’re going to stay regardless of Superman’s abilities (inability?) to protect them, they’re going to need to protect themselves and each other!

See below for the final words of Superman’s moving speech.
What would you do? Would you stand up for Metropolis? Would you stand up for Superman? Sound off in the comments below!

ACTION COMICS #43, written by Greg Pak with art by Aaron Kuder, is available in stores now!