At DC Collectibles, one of our goals is to help you grow your collection, whether it’s a collection of action figures, statues, comic books or super hero-shaped potato chips. (Okay, you’re on your own with that last one. We’ve spent decades hunting down chips that looks like the Justice League and we’re taking those babies with us to the grave!)  Anyway, today we thought we’d try something different today and help you expand your collection…of GIFs!

Below are five GIFs featuring several of our recent collectibles. They’re yours to use however you see fit. Tweet them! Post them! Use them as your profile pic! Let everyone know you’re a DC fan and that you understand the value of having some fun with your collectibles. Trust us, the Internet will be a better place for it.


So which one is your favorite? Would you like us to make more GIFs like these? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to use the #DCYou hashtag when you tweet these to end up on our Wall of Fans.