The critically acclaimed team of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok present the much anticipated, extra-sized first chapter of “DARKSEID WAR”!
You want new villains? We’ve got new villains! You want new allies? We’ve got new allies! All that and so much more in the DC Event that has been building since JUSTICE LEAGUE #1!
When the Justice League investigate a series of unexplained murders on Earth, it leads them to the frontlines of a war unlike any the DC Universe has ever seen – a battle between the two most powerful villains in existence: Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor! And get ready to meet Darkseid’s daughter – a mysterious force of evil with a bizarre connection to the Justice League!
But, while all this is happening, Lex Luthor reveals to Superman that he has Kryptonite-powered armor and, no matter what Superman thinks of Lex or how hard Superman tries to get him kicked out of the Justice League, Lex is in the League to stay. He even hits Superman with a blast of energy to show off his powers! But what happens next isn’t the Lex Luthor vs. Superman fight – no holds barred – that we’ve been expecting since the Amazo Virus…
Shocking us all, see below as Lena Luthor, Lex’s sister, puts a couple bullets in Lex! Where does her hatred for her brother come from? Is this payback because Lex kept her existence a secret and locked her up for most of her life? Or, is there another, much more sinister, motive? Sound off in the comments below!
JUSTICE LEAGUE #41, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok, is available in stores now!